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PowerPoint for Posters: Evaluating Your Poster

Step by step instructions for using PowerPoint to create your conference poster; tips and ideas for poster design

Evaluation Checklist

Poster Evaluation Checklist


o  Title and other required sections are present

o  Complete author affiliation & contact information is included

o  The poster conforms to the requirements of the conference where it will be presented

o  Font is sans-serif

o  Font is consistent throughout

o  Spelling is correct throughout

o  Grammar is correct throughout

o  Acronyms are defined on first use

o  Content is appropriate & relevant for audience


o  All text can be easily read from 4 feet away

o  Flow of the poster is easy to follow

o  White space used well

o  Section titles are used consistently

o  Images/graphics are used in place of text whenever possible

o  Bullet points/lists are used in place of text whenever possible

o  All images are relevant and necessary to the poster

o  Charts are correct – i.e. appropriate type for data, data is correct & correctly represented

o  Text color and background color are significant in contrast for easy reading

o  Background color doesn’t obscure or dim text

o  Images are clear, not pixilated or blurry


o  The “story” of the poster is clear

o  The content is focused on 2-3 key points

o  Title is clear & informative of the project

o  Problem, or clinical question, is identified and explained

o  Current evidence related to project is listed

o  Objectives are stated

o  Methods are described

o  Results are presented

o  Conclusions are stated

o  Implications to practice and to other professions are presented

o  References are listed

o  All content is relevant and on the key points

o  Content is not duplicated in text and graphics

 Oral Presentation

o  Presenter greets people

o  Presenter is able to give a concise synopsis of poster

o  Presenter is able to explain all diagrams and sections

o  Presenter speaks fluently – i.e. doesn’t stumble, leave sentences/thoughts hanging

o  Presenter has questions to ask viewers

For a printable version of the checklist see MS Word version in the next column

Evaluation Tools & Summaries

The following links are to surveys & rubrics with questions you can use to critique & improve your poster

Checklist - Printable format