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PowerPoint for Posters: MU Logos & Colors

Step by step instructions for using PowerPoint to create your conference poster; tips and ideas for poster design


MU Gold =  Pantone 124  (for printing)


The RGB breakdown is: R=255, G=204, B=51. The Web equivalent of this is: FFCC33.  (for viewing on screen)


For MU logos, contact the Publications office or Printing Services.  They can supply you with logos of sufficient resolution for your poster. NOTE:  copying logos directly from websites may result in fuzzy pictures due to lower image resolutions on the web

Publications:  407 Reynolds Alumni Center,, 573-882-7357  


Printing Services:, 573-882-7801  

MU Health Care Logos

MU Health or MU Health Care: Which one?

Do you know the difference between MU Health and MU Health Care? Creative Services and Marketing have some tips to share when it comes to branding.

MU Health is the new name and brand for the health system. The MU Health signature should be used when referencing the whole health system. It is our umbrella brand and represents the four components that make up the comprehensive academic health center: MU Health Care, the MU School of Medicine, the Sinclair School of Nursing and the School of Health Professions.

The MU Health Care unit signature represents the primary clinical brand and should be used in clinical, patient-facing situations that do not involve academic schools or departments.

If you have questions about this branding tip or any other branding- or logo-related question, please email You can also view the MU Health Branding Standards guide on 

From the 4-7-2016 MU Health Today  Vol. 1, issue 109