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PowerPoint for Posters: Design Tips

Step by step instructions for using PowerPoint to create your conference poster; tips and ideas for poster design

Design Tips

Poster Design Tips

A.  Fonts, Font Size, & Text color

    1.  Sans Serifs fonts are recommended for Posters.   (Serif = distinctive finishing strokes both vertical & horizontal;  Sans = without) 

         e.g. Arial is a sans serif font

                  Times New Roman is a serif font

    2.  Variable width fonts are easier to read

         e.g. Arial is a variable width font

               Courier is a fixed width font

    3.  Font recommendations:

            Title:  72-120 points    note:  72 points = 1 inch as a general rule

            Subtitle: 48-80 points

            Section headers: 36-72 points

            Text:  24-48 points

    4.  Title in Sentence case – lower case letters easier/faster to read than uppercase. NOTE:  The conference requirements override this.  Go with what's required.

    5.  Images & graphic resolution = 150-300 dpi  

             Recommended file types:  PNG, TIF or JPEG.  For descriptions of file types, read:

B.  Background recommendations

    1.  Use high contrast between text & background for easier reading.   e.g. black text/white background

    2.  Be conscious of color schemes that are unreadable by the color blind.   e.g. black & red; green & orange

    3.  Consider what graphics you'll be using and how they will fit with the background.  Colored backgrounds will make white graphics stand out.

    4.  Color for monitors is RGB mode while color for printers is CYMK -Printed, Mixed Ink mode.   This means what you see on your computer might not be what you   see on your printed poster.   A good reason to get a proof before printing your final copy.

C.  Wrapping text – PowerPoint doesn’t wrap text around inserted figures, but Word does.  Can create in Word then paste to PowerPoint.