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What is cited reference searching?

What is cited reference searching?

Cited reference searching allows you to locate books and articles that cite a previously published resource. This process allows you to track the research that has been done since the original item was published.

Cited search example

Diagram of cited references for an article

Description of cited reference searching:

  1. A researcher publishes an article in 2005.
  2. Other researchers read this 2005 article and cite it in their research publications that are published after 2005.
  3. Researchers, using databases that track cited references, can now look up the original 2005 article and discover newer publications that have cited it. These newer publications may also be of interest because their content is related to the original 2005 article. 

Why use cited reference searching

Why search for cited references?

  • To determine influential research
  • To find out how a particular research topic is being used to support other research
  • To find out how many times and where a publication is being cited
  • To find out who is citing a particular paper
  • To locate current research based on earlier research
  • To track the history of a research idea
  • To track the research history of a researcher
  • To determine how well your own published research is cited for promotion/tenure considerations

Which multidisciplinary databases provide cited references?

Which databases provide cited references?

The databases below provide cited reference information for all the articles they index.

Search results can be sorted by times cited counts.