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EQ 2023


Reference Solutions will help you find competitors in your field.  We don't subscribe, but the Columbia Public Library/Daniel Boone Regional Library (CPL/DBRL) does as do many other public libraries.  Your library card will give you access from home.  Contact me if you have questions.  To request a library card from CPL/DBRL, fill out the application online.

Researching the Industry

SBDCNet resources (Small Business Development Centers)

Trade associations collect information on their industry.  Sometimes they will provide free data, but other times you may have to contact the association directly to see what they have.  Check out the website and look for links labeled "Research," "Media," or "Statistics."  You can find trade groups listed in the two sources listed above.  

Trade journals can provide valuable data for the entrepreneur.  Trade associations often publish them and may provide access via their website.  You'll also find trade magazines listed in the "Industry References" section of the listed above Industry Surveys (NetAdvantage).  On our homepage,, look to the lower right under "Looking for?...A Specific Journal" to search and see if the Libraries provide access to needed titles.