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Veterinary Pharmacy

Resources for UMKC pharmacy students rotating in the VHC pharmacy

Tigeroos: Get the Best of Both Worlds

As both a UMKC student and an MU student, you're able to access the both library systems. You'll be able to get to the veterinary journals UMKC doesn't have, and the pharmacy journals MU doesn't have.

When accessing library material for your work at the VHC, start with the MU resources (the links provided here). If there's an item you need that MU doesn't have, please try your UMKC credentials before placing an InterLibrary Loan request. Thanks!

Major Databases

Journals of Interest

Keep in mind that the veterinary drug literature is not published in "veterinary" journals only. However, if you'd like to get more familiar with the journals titles in veterinary medicine, you can:

Ebooks of Interest