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Researching Judges

Last updated by Annaleigh Hobbs, JD '25

Researching Judges

Lawyers and law firms often do research on the judges hearing their cases to try to figure out how a judge will rule on a particular issue or what arguments they will find persuasive. This research can be simply biographical or more in depth, numbers based analysis of a judge's rulings and orders. Law students may also be interested in doing research on judges who are hiring clerks to determine if they are interested in working in that judge's chambers. This guide will point out the resources available at Mizzou Law for researching judges.

Mizzou Law Career Development Office (CDO)

The Career Development Office assists students interested in obtaining judicial clerkships. Information about CDO and finding clerkship opportunities are available on the Mizzou Law website.

Mizzou Law Judicial Clerkship Faculty Committee

Faculty members of the Judicial Clerkship Committee are happy to discuss the clerkship process and offer advice. Contact Erika Lietzan, committee chair, for more information.

The Committee has also prepared a handbook about judicial clerkships specifically for Mizzou Law students.