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Graduate Nursing Research: Home

Tips & assistance with research from where to look, how to look and how to get articles

Search Engines (aka Databases)


Remember - before you start looking for information ask:

  • Is my question specific (i.e. do I know what I'm looking for?)
  • Where is the best place to start?
  • What terms/words can I use and in what combinations?

Knowing what you want will make it easier to find relevant articles.

But, what if you don't know what you're looking for?!  Carve out some time to prowl through some journal articles.  Look up some topics and scan the titles of articles, read abstracts, talk to people you work with.  This will give you ideas of what is being discussed and argued in the nursing field.  It will also give you an idea of what words and phrases folks use to talk about these ideas. Use these words when you want to find more on the same topic.

If you are looking for statistics, think of who would want to know this.  the Federal gov?  Local gov?  An Association?  Then check their website and publications.  For more on stats, check this guide:

    Take notes as you go!  Use the account features in CINAHL, MEDLINE, Scopus to save your searches & citations. 

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