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Graduate Nursing Research: Finding Full Text

Tips & assistance with research from where to look, how to look and how to get articles

Getting Articles & Books

Free to you

  •  Articles subscribed to by the MU Libraries – look for PDFs, HTML full text, or the FindIt@MU  button when searching CINAHL, MEDLINE, Scopus, Google Scholar, etc.
  • Articles requested through interlibrary loan (ILL) – if the MU Libraries do not have a print copy of nor online access to an article, you can request it for free.  Use ILL for articles in storage (a.k.a. depository).  Delivery is by campus email and takes 1- 2 business days.
  •  Older articles may be available for free from the publisher.  (Older usually means 12 months or more since publication.)

 Charged to you

  •  Articles that the MU Libraries have print copies of only.  For $5.00 per article, you can request that these be scanned and sent to you.   Same form & delivery as ILL.
  •  Articles for sale by the publishers.  Most publishers will sell articles for fees ranging from $8.00 and up.

  Getting Books - for folks outside of Columbia

If you live in Columbia (or within driving distance) and come to the library on occasion, when requesting books from other campuses, just select MU HSL library for the delivery site.  The book(s) will be sent to the health sciences library where you can pick them up.

  •   You can request books through interlibrary loan for free. Chapters are treated like articles.
  •   Use the MERLIN catalog to find a book & select the title:

1.    select Request

2.    log in with your username

3.    select MU, Health Sciences Library in the pull down menu

4.   Put “Distance Student, Class #, Please Mail” followed by your address in the “Special Instructions” box

5.   Delivery takes 2-3 weeks depending upon from where it ships.

o   Click the MOBIUS Request button or “Request This Item” link

o   Select MERLIN as your affiliated cluster

o   Log in with your name and student number (NOT your username)

o   Click on “What’s my cluster” at the top.  Note the college closest to you AND its cluster name

o   Select that name from the Pickup cluster drop down box

o   Select the preferred campus library

o   Click Submit

o   Delivery takes 2-3 weeks depending upon from where it ships.