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Voir Dire: Sample Forms

Last updated by Annaleigh Hobbs, JD '25


Forms are critical in the voir dire process.  Specifically two different forms: a chart to keep track of juror's responses, and a questionnaire to have the potential jurors fill out prior to the beginning of voir dire.

A chart is used to keep track of juror's responses. Each response that is made by a juror should be contained on the chart.  Thus when you are making your challenges, for cause or preemptory, you have all the facts in front of you.

A questionnaire is used to learn about a potential juror before the voir dire process.  The questionnaire can alter you to any major problems, i.e., know the other party, attorney, another juror, etc., before voir dire begins.  Further, the questionnaire can alter you to other areas that you might want to ask more about.  The questionnaire  is also a great way to shorten the length of time a voir dire takes.

Samples of both forms are contained on this page.  However, you should tailor each sample to better fit your case.

Sample Written Voir Dire Panel Chart

This is a sample voir dire panel chart.  It can be used to keep track of juror's answers.  It should be modified to be applicable to your case and circumstances.

Practice Tip: Learn (or write down) each potential jurors name.  Addressing him or her by name will build a rapport with each juror that will end up sitting on your jury.

Electronic Panel Chart

This website talks about an iPad app that can be used to help keep track of potential juror's responses.  It is a quick and easy way to keep track of questions, responses, and any worries you might have.  The second link will direct you to the app's home page where you can take a tutorial of the app.

Sample Voir Dire Questionnaire

Voir dire questionnaires are immensely  helpful in conducting a voir dire.  These questionnaires are samples of what you could use to learn initial information about each potential juror.  Also included are questionnaires used in high profile cases.

Sample Questionnaire by Judge Cheryl J. Aleman


Commerical Civil Trial Questionnaire

Civil Rights Trial Questionnaire