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Publishing tool kit: Reporting Guidelines

journal information; DOI info; open access

More on reporting guidelines

O'Leary JD, Crawford MW. Review article: reporting guidelines in the biomedical literature. Can J Anaesth. 2013 Aug;60(8):813-21.  PMID: 23760791

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Simera I, et al.  Transparent and accurate reporting increases reliability, utility, and impact of your research:reporting guidelines and the EQUATOR Network. BMC Med. 2010 Apr 26;8:24. PMID:20420659

Fit for Purpose = appropriate and of a necessary standard

Is your article "fit for purpose"?

Have you included sufficient data & detail in your article so that others can replicate your research or use your data in systematic reviews?  Find the guideline checklist for your study type at Equator (Enhancing the Quality of and Transparency of Health Research)

Reporting Guidelines