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University of Missouri - History of Health Sciences: School of Health Professions

Health Sciences Students


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School of Health Professions

The program in the School of Health Professions began many years ago as educational offerings in clinical departments within the School of Medicine . Students typically came into these programs already possessing a baccalaureate degree or were awarded a degree upon completion of their clinical education by the College of Arts and Science. In 1968 the School of Medicine , in cooperation with the College of Education , assumed responsibility for the degree programs in Medical Technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy and Radiologic Technology. The School of Health Professions was organized by action of the Board of Curators on July 1, 1978, as a school within the School of Medicine . With this reorganization, the program in Dietetic Education (offered collaboratively with the College of Home Economics ) and the Graduate Program in Health Services Management were transferred to the School. The program in Speech Pathology/Audiology (Communicative Disorders) joined the School one year later, transferring from the College of Arts and Science. 

In 1986, the Health Services Management Program was transferred to the School of Medicine, whereby the Director now reports to the Dean of Medicine. Graduates of this program were awarded the B.H.S. degree from the School of Health Professions . 

In 1987, the School of Health Professions transferred all funds that were committed to the Medical Dietetics Program to the College of Home Economics . Since the College of Home Economics awarded the degree to these students it seemed appropriate to transfer the funds and total responsibility for this program to Home Economics. 

The School of Health Professions became a free standing independent school in 2001. The school of Health Professions is the 4th largest school on campus, and home to the most popular declared major at Mizzou – Health Sciences!

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Additional Information

Health Services Management office files, 1970's-1980's.

  • This collection contains curriculum materials, course evaluations, telelecture materials, home study program materials, miscellaneous hospital associations information, health professions workshops/seminars/conferences materials (continuing education), W.K. Kellogg Foundation Grant files, miscellaneous correspondence (primarily Harold M. Kane), various student materials, guidelines for faculty appointments within Health Services Management, miscellaneous faculty CV's, etc.

School of Health Related Professions Records

  • Record Group: 14 C. Record Sub-Group: 16 Dates: 1976-1994 (This Sub-Group holds records of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine's School of Health Related Professions .)


  • Newsletter from the School of Health Professionals. 


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