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Environmental Law : Current Awareness


  • ABA:
  • Above the Fold: email news alert aggregated by Environmental Health News.
  • American Oil and Gas Reporter: independent industrial trade publication that also serves as the official publication for 28 associations of independent oil and gas producers and operators.
  • Bloomberg LawMU Law community can sign up for email updates for various titles:
    • Daily Environment Report
    • EHS Federal Regulatory Alert
    • EHS State Regulatory Alert
    • Energy and Climate Report (formerly World Climate Change Report)
    • Environment Reporter
    • Environment & Safety Resource Center
    • Environmental Due Diligence Guide Report
    • International Environment Reporter
    • State Environment Daily
    • Toxics Law Reporter
  • Environmental Counselor: Westlaw (login required)
  • Environmental Leader: daily trade publication to keep corporate executives informed about energy, environmental and sustainability news.
  • EPA Newsroom: Online (can follow via Twitter, RSS, and email)
  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Environmental Quality: Online
  • Westlaw Journal Environmental: Westlaw (login required)
  • Westlaw Journal Toxic Torts: Westlaw (login required)
  • WESTLAW Topical Highlights - Environmental Law: Westlaw (login required)


Justia's BlawgSearch provides a directory of blogs in energy law and environmental law.

Here are some selected blogs: