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Start-Up Law: Primary Sources

California Statutes

The California constitution authorizes laws governing corporations. Cal. Const., art. XX, § 5. Calfornia corporations are governed by the California Corporate Code which may be found here. Below are direct links to some helpful provisions.

Nevada Statutes

The Nevada constitution authorizes the creation of corporations. N.R.S. Const. Art. 8, § 1.  Nevada corporations are governed under Title 7 of the Nevada Revised Statues. Under Title 7, Chapter 78 governs private corporations and the entire chapter can be found here. There are direct links to some helpful provisions below.

Delaware Statues

The Delaware Constitution authorizes the creation of corporations, the issuance of stock, and the grant of rights, privileges, and immunities to corporations. De. Const., art. IX. Delaware corporations are governed by Title 8 of the Delaware code. More specifically, Chapter 1 of Title 8 governs general corporation law. The entire Chapter 1 may be found here. I have included direct links to some provisions below.

Texas Statutes

The Texas constitution authorizes the creation of corporations. Tex. Const., art. 12. Texas corporations and other business entities are governed by the Texas Business Organization Code. The entire Business Organization Code may be found here.  I have also put direct links to some important provisions and sections below.

Formation - All States

The links to the left take you to the freely available statutes on state databases.  If you need another state's formation statutes then they are conveniently compiled in a Westlaw 50 State Survey. The link directs to the Business Organizations database. Corporations is the third item down.