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Start-Up Law: Secondary Sources

Books and Treatises

Online Sources

Private Mergers: Overview - This lengthy Practical Law Company articles guides practitioners through every step of a private merger while explaining issues, timing, and documents. This article, Public Mergers: Overview does the same thing with a public merger and Asset Acquisitions: Overview  goes through an asset acquisition step-by-step, explaining relevant considerations (including taxes), necessary documents, and important timing issues.

Bloomberg Law has a through article called "Primer on Mergers and Acquisitions" under the Corporate Transactions tab in the Portfolios and Treatises box at Mergers & Acquisitions. It is particularly useful to brush up on (or learn) the different types of mergers (i.e., reverse triangular merger). The article also explains policy arguments, applicable laws related to mergers and acquisitions. 

For additional sources, visit Harvard Law School's Merger's and Acquisitions LibGuide. This LibGuide focuses solely on mergers and acquisitions and has compiled documents, online tools, secondary sources, relevant primary law, and much more!