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Start-Up Law: Current Awareness

News Websites

Free does not focus exclusively on start-ups but covers start-up launches, financing, and acquisitions along with other technology news. It is a popular news website for entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley attorneys. It is updated constantly with new technology releases and stories. This is my favorite news site. is a news site with many entrepreneurial and start-up related articles, including how to start market-based start-ups (like Air B&B) succeed and how entrepreneurs are saving on legal bills. It is updated daily. is a branch of which is supposed to include articles on entrepreneurship. However, on the day I visited it the site generally seemed to display general technology news and employment issues interlaced with many advertisements and polls. The articles are available for free though.

Don't forget to check out the blogs under the Shared Secondary Sources tab.


The Wall Street Journal has a special journal specifically for start-up news (separate from their small business journal). It covers issues on start-up trends, financing, and highlights new start-ups in its "The Daily Start-Up" section. 

Bloomberg Law has many different BNA news services, including one for technology mergers and acquisitions and general corporate transactions. If your firm already has a Bloomberg Law subscription these may be worth receiving. However, they are going to contain large amounts of non-start-up news as well.


Inc. ( has a great video library where experts, like Robert Kaplan from the Harvard Business School, and successful entrepreneurs, like Kevin Cleary of Clif Bars, talk about how lessons new businesses need to know to become successful.

Ted Talks are short videos about "ideas worth sharing." They are given by engaging speakers who have something worth saying. They have a library of entrepreneur-specific videos at


The Kauffman Foundation's website has hundreds of articles on topics related to entrepreneurship to browse.  The Kauffman Foundation also powers Startup Weekends across the nation where entrepreneurs come together to launch start-ups in 54 hours. Start-ups like have been launched through these weekends.