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Study Aids for MU Law Students: Reference Materials

A compilation of the study aids available to MU law students in the Reserve Room and elsewhere in the law library's collection. Includes brief descriptions, call numbers, and subject / Last updated by Annaleigh Hobbs, JD '25

Basic Reference


American Jurisprudence (AmJur)


American Jurisprudence: Otherwise known as “AmJur,” this multi-volume set provides information on multiple causes of action.  Readers can learn the elements of a cause of action, trial strategies for both parties, and treatment of cases in multiple jurisdictions.  A great go-to resource when treading unfamiliar territory.

Follow the links below to access the electronic versions of AmJur.  Print editions are available on the first floor of the law library and are freely available to use in the library.


American Law Reports (ALR)

When you need to know a lot about a very narrow area of the law, the ALR is a great resource.  Not all topics are covered, but those that are included in the multi-volume set are explained in great detail and include citations to state and federal decisions.

Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS)

This national legal encyclopedia covers all state and federal legal topics. General rules of law are summarized in "Black Letter" headings and expanded upon in the text. Also provides the limitations and exceptions to the rules where appropriate. Since the citations and the supporting cases involve both state and federal courts, the user gets a full perspective of the law in a local jurisdiction as well as across the country.  (ThomsonWest)