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Racial Justice

This guide is intended to provide informational and educational resources on racial justice and anti-racism for the University of Missouri School of Law community / Last updated by Tyler Kraft, JD '24

Mizzou Law Diversity Statement

At the School of Law, we feel a strong commitment to our students to help them gain admission, to create and maintain a supportive academic environment in which students can flourish, and to assist them in becoming active and successful members of the legal profession upon graduation. The Law School rigorously recruits qualified minority students and has had progressive success in attracting them to Mizzou. In the admissions process we seek geographical as well as cultural diversity, and our current student body reflects this commitment.

Mizzou Law Committee on Diversity/Climate/Well-being

The Diversity/Climate/Well-being Committee is chaired by Dean Lyrissa Lidsky. The charge of the committee is to develop strategies for and assist with implementation of the diversity and climate agenda, organize the Law School's One Read Program, and assist with planning and implementing community events to foster diversity, inclusion, mental health and wellness, and a positive climate for all students, faculty and staff.

Contact the Committee through Monique Prince, Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean (, (573) 882-3247)

Mizzou Law Student Organizations

Lloyd Gaines & State of Missouri ex rel Gaines v. Canada

Lloyd Gaines Documentary by Mizzou Law Black Law Students Association (2012); Run time: 16:52