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Disaster Planning and Response: Home

Resources for disaster and emergency preparedness.

Disaster Planning

In the interest of disaster preparedness, the Health Sciences Library staff have prepared a list of books, websites and mobile apps for the use of emergency personnel.  In the event of an actual emergency, we are willing to prepare and lend a mobile disaster bookshelf, along with any of our available mobile devices, for use by emergency personnel.  

Listed below are some overall one-shelf recommendations.  These can be put on a cart and checked out if requested by emergency personnel.  

MU Health Care Emergency App

My-EOPWhen an emergency happens, the last thing you want is to be unprepared. Download the My-EOP app and get instant access to emergency operations plans, quick reference information and more — all on your phone and available even without an internet connection.

Download the app via Google Play or the Apple Store.

Instructions for downloading app.

One-Shelf Recommendations

Handheld Apps

During a disaster, the Health Sciences Library will check out available iPads to emergency personnel programmed with several apps, some of which can be downloaded to your mobile device.

Any of the library iPads can also be checked out to emergency personnel. If you have an iPhone or other handheld device, you may want to consider installing some of the following from the apps store: REMM, NIOSH, CAMEO, ERG; the DynaMed & Micromedex apps are only available to MU Healthcare and University of Missouri affiliates