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Administrative Law: Finding Federal Regs

A guide designed for first year law students on the MU Law Library's resources for federal regulatory law / Last updated by Jacob Wood, JD '25

Finding Regulations by Known Statute

If you have a statute and want to locate regulations promulgated under that statute, there are a couple of ways that you can do this.

  • You can look to the Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules in the CFR Index and Finding Aids. This table provides citations for statutes that have been interpreted by a regulation. It is updated once a year and is freely available online through
  • You can also look at an annotated version of the United States Code (USCA or USCS) and check the annotations for references to CFR sections.

Finding Regulations by Citation

If you have a citation for a particular regulation you can locate it by:

  • Entering the citation into the search box on Westlaw, Lexis, or Bloomberg Law. 
  • Locating the print version of the CFR in the Law Library and using the citation information to locate the appropriate volume and section. 

Finding Regulations by Topic

If you have a topic and want to locate federal regulations related to that topic:

  • You can do a keyword search of the CFR in Westlaw, Lexis, or Bloomberg Law.
  • You can also use the index to the CFR.

Westlaw: On the home screen choose the "Federal Materials" tab. From this tab you can select the CFR or FR to search. 

Lexis: Under "Explore Content" select "Administrative Codes & Regulations" and enter your key terms. After searching you can limit your results to the CFR  or FR on the left side of the screen under "Source."

Bloomberg Law: Under "Getting Started" choose "Federal Law" and then "Federal Regulatory & Administrative." From this screen you can search the CFR and FR together or select one to search.