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Case Law Research: Databases

A guide designed for first year law students on the MU Law Library's resources for case law research / Last updated by Tyler Kraft, JD '24


Getting Started:
When using the general search box, first select the jurisdictions that you wish to search by the pull down menu to the left of the search button to . You may select any combination of federal and state cases to search. When searching for state case materials you are also given the option to include related federal materials. This pulls in federal cases that relate to a particular states law. 

Additionally you can filter down to your preferred court jurisdiction by using the "browse content" approach.


Lexis Advance

Getting Started: Using "Explore Content" choose either content type or jurisdiction to select a specific case law database to search. 

Refining Your Search: After you run your search you will have several options for narrowing things down located on the left side of your screen. Options include court, source, practice area, attorney, law firm, and most cited.  


Bloomberg Law

Court OpinionsUnder court opinions you will have several options for refining your search. You can expand each category to narrow your search down to specific jurisdictions. Clicking on an item will add it to your list of databases to search. You can remove items from your list by clicking the red (x) symbol next to each item. 

DocketsYou also have the option under Getting Started to search court dockets for federal and state courts. Click the Browse button to select jurisidctions to search. 

Searching: Once you select your databases, Bloomberg gives you a number of options for searching within them. You can search by party, case name, attorney, judge, or browse by industry or legal topic.

Additional Databases