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School Law Guide: Other Relevant Sources

Discussion of Other Resources

After exhausting the free legal resources available online, it may be helpful to look at this list of in-print free legal resources before going into secondary sources that cost money. The list of resources on this page can be found at most law libraries. Most major cities have a public legal library, where it is free to obtain a library card and free to check out a variety of resources. Most of the materials listed to the right can be found in the University of Missouri School of Law Library. Further, most books provide a more narrow and detailed subscription of an area within education law versus some of the free online resources. It is also helpful to know about these books because you can suggest some of them to your client. There are numerous legal guides out there for teachers on the various laws that impact them. Those books are written for non-attorneys. Knowing about these resources and being able to suggest them to your client can help both of you prevent legal headaches down the road.

All call numbers listed on the right refer to the University of Missouri School of Law Library call number system.

List of Other Resources