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Evidence Based Nursing Practice

information on the process of evidence based practice for both student & professional nurse. tips & techniques for literature searches and reviews

Writing it all up

How do I write this all up?  First, you'll need to take notes as you work through your project.

Second, you'll need to state:

  1. where you looked (i.e. searched)
  2. what terms you used when looking & searching
  3. when you looked
  4. what you found.

Make sure you capture the above information as you go!

Here's an example of a write up:  (Look at the section labeled Methods: Study Identification)

For more information on writing it all up, ask us at  

Or look here:

Fillable Evidence Tracker

Featured above is a glimpse of a sample filled out evidence tracker for the MUHC Nurse Residency. Below is a blank template for you to use.