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First Floor Renovation: Timeline

information and updates on the renovation of the first floor of the health sciences library

Time line & updates

October 2013

Transformation complete!  See a slideshow of the renovation.

September 2013

Painting and furniture installation is complete.  The first floor is scheduled to reopen Monday, September 23, when the DoIT lab computers and printers will move back to the first floor. 

August 2013

The carpeting is being replaced this month.  Furniture installation is scheduled to begin August 26. 

Construction is still on schedule, with the first floor scheduled to reopen by early October. 

May 2013

Construction noise will begin in earnest the week of May 20.  Expect noise throughout the library. 

The first floor is scheduled to reopen this fall. 

Crews will typically work 7am-3:30pm on weekdays, so the library should be quiet on evenings and weekends. 

April 2013

The bid has been awarded and construction is scheduled to begin in early May and continue into September.  The first floor furniture will all be removed by Monday, April 29.

The pre-bid meeting with prospective contractors was held April 1.  All furniture is scheduled to be removed from the first floor later this month. 

February 2013

The next phase of construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid to late April.

December 2012

Most of the first floor computers have been removed or relocated in preparation for the next phase of construction.

March - June 2012

The new compact shelving area has opened and the old book shelves have been removed. 

February 2012

What's happening behind the plastic sheeting? Space is being cleared out for the new compact shelving! 

January 2012

Noise alert!  Demolition is scheduled to begin in the southwest corner of the first floor in late January.

November 2011

Furniture relocated to 2nd and 3rd floors

Construction started!

March 2011

Books moved from shelves


Renovation Project

September.  Painting, furniture installation. Testing of wireless access.  The first floor is scheduled to reopen September 23. 

July/August - Lighting upgrades throughout the library. Carpet installation. 

June - All books on the first floor have been relocated to the new compact shelving area in the southwest corner near the bottom of the stairs. 

March - Progress continues on the renovation.  Several rows of shelving have been taken down, much of which will be used in the compact shelving to go up in the area on the west end of the floor (I.e. behind the plastic sheeting.)   What's compact shelving?  Shelves that can be push up against each other so taking up much less space.

And, we thank you all for your continued patience with the noise!


February - As you may have heard, walls have been taken down to make way for the compact shelving.  This will free up the center of the floor for computers which will be used for the med students' PBL exams and will double as an information commons.


On Monday, Nov. 7, construction began on the first floor of HSL. The first step will be to remove the walls between the two small study rooms to create the new staff lounge space.  Once the new lounge is completed, the interior walls on the west side of first floor will come down in order to make room for the compact shelving.


The first floor of the Health Sciences Library will be renovated with funding and assistance from the School of Medicine.  The existing computer lab and book collection will be transformed into an information commons.   The information commons will be used for computer-based testing when required.

The renovation will also provide:

  • a renovated computer instruction room
  • two new conference rooms
  • improved lighting
  • improved heating & cooling

What does this mean for you?

  • there will be noise & dust once the project commences (possibly as soon as December 2011.)
  • the books will be relocated  - ask us if you can’t find something

The revised  estimate for completion is August, 2013.   We will keep you updated.