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Walter Williams Library


Walter Williams (1864-1935) was President of the University of Missouri from 1930 – 1935 and served as Dean of the School of Journalism from its founding in 1908. The Alumni Association of the School of Journalism established the library in 1934 and presented it to Dr. Williams for installation in the President’s House on the University of Missouri campus. The library’s original purpose was to house the best contemporary books, and additional selections for the library were made in May 1935.

The Alumni Association requested that each of the authors include a dedication addressed to Walter Williams and/or the students of the University. According to the original plan for the collection, the books were later transferred to Ellis Library. Those books containing letters or autographs were moved into the Rare Book Collection.

A short history and list of the entire collection is available in a brochure entitled The Walter Williams Library (Columbia, Mo., 1935), held at the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of books on journalism, politics, economics, and current events from the early 1930s. Each contains a dedication from the author. Some of the dedications are merely short notes or autographs, while others are longer and more substantial.

Holdings: 145 volumes


The books have been catalogued and are accessible through the MERLIN library catalog, but the letters themselves are uncatalogued. These materials are available to all researchers for use in the Reading Room during the regular hours of Special Collections and do not circulate.


Listed by the author and title of the book in which each letter is located, and links to each title’s MERLIN catalog record.

Adams, James Truslow. America’s Tragedy.

Adams, James Truslow. The March of Democracy.

Angell, Norman, Sir. From Chaos to Control.

Armstrong, Hamilton Fish. Europe Between Wars.

Atherton, Gertrude. Adventures of a Novelist.

Beals, Carleton. The Crime of Cuba.

Beard, Charles A.. A Century of Progress.

Beebe, Charles. William Half Mile Down.

Benét, William Rose. Fifty Poets: An American Auto-Anthology.

Benson, E.F. Charlotte Brontë.

Blunden, Edmund. Charles Lamb and His Contemporaries; Being the Clark Lectures Delivered at the Trinity College, Cambridge, 1932.

Bowen, Catherine Drinker. Friends and Fiddlers.

Brandeis, Louis D.Other People’s Money, and How the Bankers Use It.

Brenner, Anita. Your Mexican Holiday: A Modern Guide.

Brittain, Vera. Testament of Youth; An Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900 – 1925.

Brooks, Van Wyck. Sketches in Criticism.

Brooks, Van Wyck. The Life of Emerson.

Burns, C. Delisle. Leisure in the Modern World.

Carmer, Carl. Stars Fell on Alabama.

Cassel, Gustav. The Crisis in the World’s Monetary System: being the Rhodes Memorial Lectures Delivered in Trinity Term, 1932.

Chase, Stuart. A New Deal.

Coffin, Robert Peter Tristam.Strange Holiness.

Cohen-Portheim, Paul. The Spirit of France.

Coolidge, Harold J. and Roosevelt, Theodore. Three Kingdoms of Indo-China.

Cortissoz, Royal. American Artists.

Counts, George Sylvester. The Soviet Challenge to America.

Crabites, Pierre Gordon. The Sudan and Slavery.

Craven, Thomas. Modern Art.

Davenport, Marcia. Mozart.

De Kruif, Paul. Men Against Death.

Dimnet, Ernest. What We Live By.

Eberlein, Harold Donaldson. The Architecture of Colonial America.

Engle, Paul. American Song, A Book of Poems.

Fallada, Hans. Little Man, What Now?

Finger, Charles J. Foot-Loose in the West.

Flynn, John T. God’s Gold: The Story of Rockefeller and His Times.

Fosdick, Harry Emerson. As I See Religion.

Fosdick, Harry Emerson. The Secret of Victorious Living; Sermons on Christianity Today.

Frank, Bruno. A Man Called Cervantes.

Garland, Hamlin. Afternoon Neighbors; Further Excerpts from a Literary Log.

Garland, Hamlin. My Friendly Contemporaries: A Literary Log.

Gibbs, Philip. The Way of Escape: A Challenge to the New Generation.

Golding, Louis. Magnolia Street.

Gorki, Maxim. Other Fires.

Grenfell, Wilfred, Sir. Forty Years for Labrador.

Halper, Albert. Union Square.

Hanighen, Frank Cleary. The Secret War.

Hedin, Sven. Across the Gobi Desert.

Hedin, Sven. Jehol, City of Emperors.

Heyward, Dubose. Peter Ashley.

Hilton, James. Good-bye, Mr. Chips.

Hodgins, Eric and Magoun, F. Alexander Behemoth: The Story of Power.

Huxley, Aldous. Texts and Pretexts: An Anthology with Commentaries.

Jackman, Rilla Evelyn. American Arts.

Jeans, James Hopwood, Sir. The New Background of Science.

Johnson, Josephine. Now in November.

Jones, Rosalie. The American Standard of Living and World Co-Operation.

Jones, Rufus M. A Preface to Christian Faith in a New Age.

Laidler, Harry W. The Road Ahead: A Primer of Capitalism and Socialism.

Lattimore, Owen. Manchuria: Cradle of Conflict.

Lawes, Lewis E. Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing.

Lawrence, Josephine. Years Are So Long, A Novel.

Le Vine, Isaac Don. Red Smoke.

Lewis, Lloyd. Sherman: Fighting Prophet.

Lewis, Sinclair. Ann Vickers.

Lewisohn, Ludwig. Expression in America.

Lippman, Walter. Interpretations: 1931-1932.

Lippman, Walter. The Method of Freedom.

Lockridge, Richard. Darling of Misfortune: Edwin Booth: 1833-1893.

Lodge, Oliver, Sir. Past Years: An Autobiography.

Lucas, E.V. Reading Writing and Remembering: A Literary Record.

Lyman, George Dunlap. The Saga of The Comstock Lode: Boom Days in Virginia City.

Mann, Thomas. Joseph and His Brothers.

Mantle, Burns. The Best Plays of 1931-32: And the Year Book of the Drama in America.

Maria, Grand Duchess of Russia. A Princess In Exile.

Marshall, Robert. Arctic Village.

Martin, Everett Dean. Civilizing Ourselves: Intellectual Maturity in the Modern World.

Masters, Edgar Lee. The Tale of Chicago.

Mathews, John Joseph. Wah’kon-Tah: The Osage and the White Man’s Road.

Maugham, William Somerset. East and West: The Collected Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham.

Maurois, Andre. Dickens.

Miller Janet. Camel Bells of Baghdad: An Adventurous Journey to the Cith of the Arabian Nights, the Tower of Babel, the Garden of Eden, the Palace of Darius, the Bazaars of Teheran, and the Mountains and Deserts of Persia.

Minehan, Thomas. Boy and Girl Tramps of America.

Mordell, Albert. Quaker Militant, John Greenleaf Whittier.

Morley, Christopher. Human Being, A Story.

Myers, Denys P. World Disarmament, Its Problems and Prospects.

Nathan, Robert. Road of Ages.

Nevins, Allan. Grover Cleveland: A Study in Courage.

Nevinson, Henry W. In the Dark Backward.

Nichols, Beverly. Cry Havoc!

Oglesby, Catharine. Business Opportunities for Women.

Page, Elizabeth. Wild Horses and Gold: From Wyoming to the Yukon.

Pannain, Guido. Modern Composers.

Peru. Constitution. Translation of the Constitution of Peru.

Podolsky, Edward. Medicine Marches On.

Poore, Henry R. Thinking Straight on Modern Art.

Raiguel, George Earle and Huff, William Kistler. This is Russia.

Reilly, Joseph J. Dear Prue’s Husband and Other People.

Risley, Eleanor De La Vergne. An Abandoned Orchard.

Robertson, W. Graham.Life Was Worth Living; the Reminiscences of W. Graham Robertson.

Robinson, Daniel Sommer. Political Ethics: An Application of Ethical Principles to Political Relations.

Robinson, Edward Arlington. Collected Poems.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. Looking Forward.

Rothestein, William, Sir. Men and Memories: Recollections of William Rothstein 1872-1900.

Rugg, Harold. Changing Governments and Changing Cultures: The World’s March Toward Democracry.

Russell, Bertrand. Education and the Modern World.

Sandburg, Carl and Angle, Paul M. Mary Lincoln: Wife and Widow.

Santayana, George. Character and Opinion in the United States.

Schweitzer, Albert. Out of My Life and Thought: An Autobiography.

Siegfried, André. Impressions of South America.

Sinclair, Gordon. Foot-loose in India; adventures of a news chaser from Khyber’s grim gash of death to the tiger jungles of Bengal and the Burmese battle ground of the black cobra.

Sinclair, Upton. William Fox.

Smith, Chard Powers. Pattern and Variation in Poetry.

Sokolsky, George E. The Tinder Box of Asia.

Stamp, Josiah, Sir. The Financial Aftermath of War.

Stolberg, Benjamin and Vinton, Warren Jay. The Economic Consequences of the New Deal.

Strachey, John. The Coming Struggle for Power.

Stribling, T.S. The Store.

Strode, Hudson. The Story of Bermuda.

Tchernavin, Vladimir V. I Speak for the Silent Prisoners of the Soviets.

Thom, Douglas A. Normal Youth and Its Everyday Problems.

Thomas, Gilbert. John Masefield.

Thomas, Norman. As I See It.

Tolstoy, Alexandra. The Tragedy of Tolstoy.

Tomlinson, H.M. The Sea and The Jungle.

Trotsky, Leon. The History of the Russian Revolution.

Tunney, Gene. A Man Must Fight.

Turner, Frederick Jackson. The Significance of Sections in American History.

Vallas, Leon. Claude Debussy: His Life and Works.

Van Doren, Carl. Modern American Prose.

Van Doren, Mark. A Winter Diary and Other Poems.

Van Loon, Hendrik Willem. Van Loon’s Geography.

Verrill, Alpheus Hyatt. Romantic and Historic Florida.

Waddell, Helen. Peter Abelard.

Wallace, Henry A. New Frontiers.

Waln, Nora. The House of Exile.

Walpole, Hugh. The Fortress: A Novel.

Warburg, James P. It’s Up to Us.

Wellman, Paul I. Death on the Prarie: The Thirty Years’ Struggle fo the Western Plains.

Wells, H.G. The Bulpington of Blup: Adventures, Poses, Stresses, Conflicts, and Disaster in a Contemporary Brain.

Weseen, Maurice H. Words Confused and Misused.

Wharton, Don. The Roosevelt Omnibus.

Wilson, Charles Morrow. Backwoods America.

Winkler, John K. Woodrow Wilson: The Man Who Lives On.

Yarmolinsky, Avrahm. Dostoevsky: A Life.