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Study Room and Class Room Locations

Ellis Auditorium, Class Rooms, Study Rooms


Ellis Auditorium is on the WEST side of the Library, it faces Jesse Hall and Tate Hall.
The door is between west entrance and the side of the library facing Lowry Mall. 
Right now the entrance is obscured by scaffolding .

Classrooms in Ellis are in the old State Historical Society on the ground floor in
the northeast corner of the building, across from Memorial Union.

Enter through the doors on Lowry Mall or Hitt Street.
The classrooms are not accessible from inside the Library. 
(Contact _MMMMMMM  for ADA accessibility.

Gallery 1A, 88, etc. is the same as Room 1A, 88, etc.

Map of classrooms / galleries.


Study Rooms 1st Floor


Rooms are on the south end of the building. You have to come up the stairs to get to the first floor.

Study Rooms 2nd Floor


Study Rooms 3rd Floor

Study Room 4th Floor