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Selected Books

Alphabet theater : performance poetry
MU Ellis PS3619.T747 A67 2002

Big towns, big talk
Available at several MOBIUS libraries. Please click on link for details.

Big towns, big talk [electronic resource]

The complete idiot's guide to slam poetry
Available at several MOBIUS libraries. Please click on link for details.

Life according to Motown
GALAHAD 811.54 Sm63l 1991

Performing the word : African American poetry as vernacular culture
MU Ellis PS310.N4 B76 1999

Russell Simmons def poetry jam on Broadway -- and more : the choice collection
MU Ellis PS3619.T747 A67 2002

Available at several MOBIUS libraries. Please click on link for details.

The spoken word revolution : slam, hip-hop, & the poetry of a new generation
MU Ellis PS615 .S65 2003

Step into a world : a global anthology of the new Black literature
MU Ellis PR9085 .S73 2000

Storms beneath the skin
ARTHUR PS3557 .I2218 S76 2001

Teacher Recommended Readings

Akbar, N. (1990). Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery.
New Jersey: New Mind Productions.
UMS TJ E185.625 .A44 1984

Allen, J., Als, H., Lewis, J. & Litwack, L. F. (2000).
Without sanctuary :lynching photography in America
New Mexico: Twin Palms Publishers.
MU JOUR RESERVE HV6457 .W58 2000

Asante, M. K., & Asante, K. W. (1985).
African Culture: The Rhythms of Unity.
Westport, CN: Greenwood Press.
UMS TJ DT14 .A364 1985

Bell, C. C., & Jenkins, J. E. (1991). Traumatic Stress and Children.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 2 (1)175-188
Request through interlibrary loan.

Butterfield, F. (1995). All God's Children:
The Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence
New York: Avon Books
MU ELLIS E185.96 .B98 1995

Byrd, A. D., Tharps, L. L. (2001). Hair Story:
Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America
New York: St: Martin's Press.
MU ELLIS E185.86 .B96 2001

Cole, D. (1999). No Equal Justice:
Race and Class in the American Criminal Justice System
New York: The New Press.
MU ELLIS HV9950 .C59 1999

Danieli, Y. (1998).
International Handbook of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma.
New York: Plenum Press.

Gatto, J. T.(1992). Dumbing Us Down.
Philadelphia, PA: New Society.

Genovese, E. D. (1976).Roll Jordan Roll: The World the Slaves Made.
New York: Vintage Books.
MU ELLIS E443 .G46

Ginzburg, R. (1988). 100 Years of lynching.
Baltimore, MD: Black Classic Press.
MU ELLIS HV6464 .G5 1988

Grier, W. H., & Cobbs, P. M. (1969). Black Rage.
New York: Bantam Books.
MU ELLIS E185.625 .G68

Gutman, H. G. (1976). The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom 1750-1925.
New York: Vintage Books.
MU ELLIS E185.86 .G77 1976

Hacker, A. (1992). Two Nations: Black and white, separate, hostile, unequal.
New York, NY: Macmillan publishing Company.
MU ELLIS E185.615 .H23 1992

Kapsalis, T. (1997) Public Privates: Performing Gynecology From Both Ends of the Speculum. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Leary J. D., Brennan, E., Briggs, (November 2005). African American Adolescent Respect Scale: A Measure of Prosocial Attitude.
Research on Social Work Practice, 15 (6) pp. 462-469.

Mazrui, A. A. (1986). The African: A Triple Heritage. Boston: Little, Brown and Company.
Available at several MOBIUS libraries. Please click on link for details.

Mbiti, J. (1970). African Religions and Philosophy. New York: Doubleday.
MU ELLIS BL2400 .M38

Miller, D. B. & MacIntosh, R. (1999). Promoting Resilience in Urban African American Adolescents: Racial Socialization and Identity As Protective Factors. Social Work Research. 23 (3), 159-169.

Morris, T. (1996). Southern Slavery and the Law, 1619-1860. Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina Press
MU LAW KF482 .M67 1996

Nichols, E. J. (1976). Introduction to the Axiological Model. Paper Presented to the World Psychiatric Association and the Nigerian Association of Psychiatrists. University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
Request through interlibrary loan.

Ogbu, J. U. (1990). Racial Stratification and Education. In G. E. Thomas (Ed.)
U. S. Race Relations in the 1980's and 1990's: Challenges and Alternatives.
New York: Hemisphere Publishing Company.
MU ELLIS E184.A1 U16 1990

Osofsky, G. (1969). Puttin'on Ole Massa. New York: Harper Torch Books.

Pinderhughes, E. (1989). Understanding Race, Ethnicity, and Power.
New York: The Free Press.
MU ELLIS HV95 .P55 1989

Poussaint, A. F. & Alexander, A. (2000). Lay my burden down : unraveling suicide and the mental health crisis among African-Americans.
Boston, MA. Beacon Press.
MU ELLIS E185.625 .P68 2000

Roberts, D. (1999). Killing the Black Body.
New York: Vintage Books.
MU ELLIS HQ766.5.U5 R58 1997

Robinson, R. (2004). Quitting America: The Departure of a Black Man
From His Native Land.

New York: Dutton.
MU ELLIS E185.97.R665 A3 2004

Robinson, R. (2000). The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks.
New York: Penguin.
MU ELLIS E185.615 .R525 2000

Stamper, N. (2005) Breaking Rank.
New York: Avalon Publishing.
Available at several MOBIUS libraries. Please click on link for details.

Stevenson, H. C. (1994). Racial Socialization in African American Families:
The Art of Balancing Intolerance and Survival. The Family Journal: Counseling
Therapy for Couples and Families. 2 (3), 190-198.
Request through interlibrary loan.

Stevenson, H. C. (1994). Relationship of Adolescent Perceptions
of Racial Socialization to Racial Identity. Journal of Black Psychology.
21 (1) 49-70
MU ELLIS E185.625 .J68

Tatum, B. D. (1997). Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
New York: Basic Books.
MU ELLIS E185.625 .T38 1997

West, C. (1993). Race Matters.
Boston, MA: Beacon Press.
MU ELLIS E185.615 .W43 1993

Williams, J. (1998). Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary.
New York: Times Books.
MU ELLIS KF8745.M34 W55 1998

Winbush, R. A. (2001). Should America pay?
New York, Harper Collins Books.
MU ELLIS E185.89.R45 S56 2003

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Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry

Slam: The Movie

Slamnation: A Poetry Slam Documentary


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