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Sixties Rock Music: Home

English 1000

Assignment Details

In this class, you will conduct a research project that analyzes key aspects of the rock scene circa 1967...from different rock groups to the drug scene, the Haight Ashbury, the influence of Woodstock, the Fillmore concerts, hippies, communes, funky clothing, and other aspects of popular culture that sprung from it. Your instructor has directed you to use library sources to support your findings and arguments, and this Research Guide will help direct you to those sources.


Books to Check Out

Perhaps the best way to find books on this topic is view them in lists by subject. Browse the books categorized under the following subject headings:

Sometimes the list of books under a particular subject heading is so long that you may want to "limit" the hits by keyword. For the subjects below, click on the "Limit/Sort" button and then specify that you want the word "Sixties" as a word in the title.

Occasionally you may get too few hits. If this happens, expand your search to include all MERLIN libraries (simply change the drop-down box), or click on the "MOBIUS" button to expand your search to about 70 additional libraries in the state of Missouri. Books from libraries in the MOBIUS network can all be requested by clicking the "Request" button.

If you browse in MOBIUS, you may find great subject headings we don't happen to have in MERLIN, like this one:


Reference Books

The following books may not be checked out, but they are always here for you to see.

  • Rolling Stone Rock Almanac
    Useful for its chronological guide and Billboard chart showing bestselling music recordings week-by-week.
  • Historical Dictionary of the 1960s
  • American Decades series
    This very popular set is located behind the Reference Desk in the Ellis Library Information Commons. If you prefer, you can view the full text by going to the Gale Virtual Reference Library, clicking on "History" then "American Decades" then choose the decade of the 1960s. You can also try "American Decades PrimarySources." If you want something similar you can check out, consider using This Fabulous Century which has a volume for each decade up to the 1960s



You can use a primary source index like...

  • Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature
    The Reader's Guide indexes popular magazines from time period you are researching. For example, you can choose the volume for 1967 (or any year you wish) and see what was being published at the time on these sample topics:
    • Hippies
    • Rock 'n' Roll music
    • Youth

Or you can use an eletronic database, such as:

  • America History and Life
    This database indexes not only articles, but also includes book reviews which can be helpful if you would like to use interlibrary loan. If you don't have time to use interlibrary loan, avoid searching for dissertations because we generally do not own those unless they were authored by an MU student. Here are some example search terms:
    • Hippies
    • Haight Ashbury
  • Also try out the "Advanced Search" feature in which you can select a decade and then choose keywords like "San Francisco and music."


Cite your Sources

If you use articles you obtained in full-text version directly from a library database, the citation protocol will be different than if you had found the article in paper copy in the library.


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