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REL ST 3005: The Body and Healing in Asian Religion: Books

Library Books

Find a Specific Book- Use if you already know what book you need.

MERLIN  - For books held by MU

MOBIUS - For books you can borrow from other Missouri libraries

Request an Item/ILL@MU - For books not available in Missouri

Subject Headings

These Library of Congress Subject Headings can be searched directly (MERLIN Subject Search) or added to a keyword search.

  • Civilization - China
  • Civilization - India
  • Civilization - Japan
  • Medicine, Ayurvedic
  • Medicine, Chinese
  • Medicine, India
  • Medicine, Japan
  • Medicine - Religious Aspects
  • Qi Gong
  • Religion - China
  • Religion - India
  • Religion - Japan


EBrary online books

Online Reference Books

Reference Books are used mainly for quick lookups and overviews of topics.  You can search most of these books, plus many other reference books, at the same time by using the Gale Virtual Reference Library database.

Search Inside Books with Google Books

Look for the Find In a Library link to locate copies of the books you find here.

When searching, use quotation marks to force Google to search for phrases instead of just words: "Chinese alchemy"

TIP: Try using an asterisk with a space on each side,  to do a fill-in-the-blank search.  You must use quotation marks when using this trick.  Ex. "taoist * immortality"

Google Book Search


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