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Recordings and Tutorials

Discover@MU Video Tutorial

Discover@MU is a search box on the front page of the MU Libraries website that helps you find many different types of materials available through the Libraries. This quick tutorial will walk you through how to conduct and refine a search using Discover@MU, including some tips for downloading and saving items.

Created by Hannah Salings, E-Learning GLA.
Published on Sept. 20, 2016.

Discover@MU: Written Tutorial

1. On the MU Libraries homepage,, type a search into the Discover@MU search box and then click "Search."


2. If you are logging onto the proxy server, make sure to click "I agree" at the bottom of the agreement page, and then log on with your MU username and password.

3. ​You’ll now have a results page with a list of items that match your search criteria.


4. If you’d like to refine your search, check one or more of the limiters on the left-hand side of the results page. The page will update automatically.

5. To see more about an item, click on the item's title. The type of item is indicated by the picture and text to the left of each record. The bottom of each record shows you how to get the item: if it is an online item, you may see a PDF link, and if it is a physical item, you will see where it is stored.

6. To mark the resources you would like to save for later, click the folder icon on the right-hand side.

7. To conduct an advanced search, select "Advanced Search" at the top of the results page. A new page will open with more search boxes. You can type in a new search based on the author, title, journal title, publication date, and many other options.

8. From each item's page, you can email the record, cite it, and export to a citation manager like Zotero with the menu on the right side of the page.

9. Some items can be accessed without leaving the MU Libraries site, but some others can only be opened from another database using MU's access. In some other cases, MU may not have a copy of the item, but it can be requested. If you see a gold "Findit@MU" button under a record, click on it to see whether you can open it in another database or if you need to request a copy. You may need to log in with your University of Missouri username and password to access the record.


Contact the librarians if you’d like further help using Discover@MU, or for any other help with your research.