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Persons with Disabilities--Resources

What is a HathiTrust?

HathiTrust is a digital library dedicated to the preservation and access of books and other printed material.
  • HathiTrust consists of millions of books scanned from the collections of large university libraries, all cross-searchable.
  • HathiTrust is free to access.
  • People affiliated with MU, when logged in, are able to read and download full text materials not restricted by copyright. People who are not logged in are able to read full text materials, but downloads are restricted to short sections.
  • Only bibliographic information (author, title, etc. ) can be viewed for materials subject to copyright. Exceptions on access are made for people with disabilities. Contact Cindy Cotner, Head, Access Services, for additional information.

Access policy

Exceptions can be made for full-view access to copyrighted material for students with disabilities. The following is a summary of our policy.

  • The disability office and Ellis library can provide access to digital versions of books in our university's collection, that would not be accessible for people with certain disabilities. 
  • For questions on if you qualify for access, you can contact either Cindy Cotner or the disability office 
  • In order to access a book on HathiTrust, you'll need to contact either of these places and request access to the book.
  • To determine if a book is in our collection, use the search box below.

University of Missouri collection search

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Request a book

Is there is a book available on HathitTust that you need to access due to a disability? Tell us about it by following the link: