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Using the Newshub

The Newshub

The Newshub is a tool for all library staff to promote library services, resources, and events.

It is both

  • the Library News website, where we communicate the Libraries’ value to campus stakeholders such as students, faculty, and administrators as well as legislators, scholars at other universities, etc.
  • a content management system for distributing news stories internally and externally, via the Gateway, social media, and newsletters

Note: We call it the “Newshub” internally. Always call it the Library News site externally.

The Newshub allows us to

  • solve users’ problems by communicating information about services, resources, events, etc.
  • solve problems or potential problems users are not even aware of by making their research, teaching, or studying easier
  • tell “our story”--the Newshub is where the Libraries shape our own narrative
  • ​compose visually engaging emails

Who Are the Newshub Reporters?

  • Journalism: Charlotte Landreth
  • Engineering: Mara Inge
  • Health Sciences: Taira Meadowcroft
  • Special Collections: Kelli Hansen
  • Technical Services: Ashley Granger
  • UMLD: Kevin McFillen
  • Vet Med: Kate Anderson

Who Is the Marketing Team?