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Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Special Collections


These materials are available by request in the Special Collections reading room. The collection does not circulate. Books must be used in Special Collections' reading room during service hours or by appointment.

​Priscianus. De Constructione. VAULT PA6624 .A4 1150

​Priscianus. De Constructione.

119 1eaves. South Germany, third quarter 12th century manuscript with late 15th or 16th century German pigskin, blind stamped binding. Written in Romanesque (minuscule) book script on parchment. Large red initials, first 5 lines in red, small initials and many Greek quotations accented by red filling. Constitutes books 17-18 of the author's Institutiones grammaticae. Books 1-16 are also known as Priscianus major, and books 17-18 as Priscianus minor.

Catalog record: VAULT PA6624.A4 1150

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Raymond of Penafort, St. [Summa de poenitentiate et matrimonio]. VAULT BX1757 .R39 1200

Raymond of Penafort, St. [Summa de poenitentiate et matrimonio]

Italy-S. or France. Manuscript probably 14th century. Foliation in roman numerals. Glosses numbered. Seventeenth century Spanish binding, southern parchment and ink. Binder's title: S. Raimund. D.P. Summa. An early manuscript with commentaries surrounding the text, and ornamental initials in color. No title page or colophon. Foliation in Roman numerals, but irregular and often indistinct due to closely cropped pages. Bound in leather.

Catalog record: VAULT BX1757 .R39 1200

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Bible. Latin. [Biblia Latina] 1300. VAULT BS70 .B5 1300

Bible. Latin. [Biblia Latina] 1300.

Bound in parchment ms. with neumic notation over boards ; leaf [103] torn with part of 1 column wanting; small stain on p. 1 partly hides incipit; trimmed, headings mostly lost. Prehumanistic minuscule script; rubricated. Lectionary? with different pen on final 2 leaves. Contents: Prol. in libros Salomonis — Proverbia — Ecclesiastes — Canticum canticorum — Sapientia — Ecclesiasticus — Joshua — Isaias –Jeremias — Ezechiel — Daniel — Osee — Joel — Amos — Abdias — Jonas –Michaeus — Nahum — Habacuc — Sophonias — Aggaeus — Zacharias — Malachias — Job – Judith — Esther — [Novum Testamentum]. Cover is a manuscript leaf of a parchment page with nuemes and a Gothic script with red initial letters from about about the same time.

Catalog record: VAULT BS70 .B5 1300

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La Turade, Bernard de. [Notarial registry] 1383-1393. VAULT DC95.A2N6 1383

La Turade, Bernard de. [Notarial registry] 1383-1393.

2 vol. Written in several cursive hands covering various subjects: wills, marriage contracts, sales, etc. Vol. [1] has parchment tab: 1383 Bernard De La Turade; v. [2] has leather boss on center of front cover and tab with name and date: 1393. – Vol. [1] has 47 numbered leaves + 1 leaf + 1 gathering of 10 leaves, of which the first 36 have been nibbled by mice.

Catalog record: VAULT DC95.A2N6 1383

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Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. [Soliloquia. 1433] Incipit liber soliloqiorum sancti Augustine episcopoli. VAULT BR65 .A87 1433

Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. [Soliloquia. 1433] Incipit liber soliloqiorum sancti Augustine episcopoli. 

Manuscript in two small Gothic book hands; p. [190]-[211] apparently a different hand from the rest. Titles in red; rubricated initials in alternate red and blue with penwork of opposite color. Bound in leather over boards; blind stamped quartered lozenge on front and back; 9 bosses front and back wanting. 211 p., 23 lines.

Catalog record: VAULT BR65 .A87 1433

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Book of hours for Dominican use. VAULT BX2080 .A2 1450

Book of hours for Dominican use. [Le Mans?, France] : [Producer not identified], [approximately 1450]

The volume comprises the Seven Penitential Psalms (fol.1r); a Litany (fol.12v) followed by prayers to various saints; the Hours of the Cross (fol.20v); the Hours of the Holy Spirit (fol.23v); Memorials to the saints (fol.26r); the Office of the Dead (fol.31r); prayers for use at Mass (fol.63v), the hymn Ave verum corpus (fol.66r) and the Obsecro te (fol.67r). 14 lines in single column on parchment. Written in brown ink, text ruled in red, initials in red or blue and rubricated throughout. Numerous large initials gilded, some with elongated marginal pen-work in red, others on coloured grounds, one incroporating a coat of arms depicting two white fleur-de-lys on a red background, two cantons in upper inner hatchment. One leaf with amateur marginial portrait (probably later), two leaves with large spaces for miniatures, left blank.

Catalog record: Vault BX2080 .A2 1450 

Ambrosius, Saint, Bishop of Milan. Ambrosius Epus ad sorore sua Marcella de virginitate. VAULT BV4647 .C5A4 1460

​Ambrosius, Saint, Bishop of Milan. Ambrosius Epus ad sorore sua Marcella de virginitate.

[146?] German-Alsace-Lorraine. Second half of the fifteenth century. Manuscript written on 48 leaves of paper in a close chancery hand, 36 lines/page frame ruled, with headings and initials in red. 15th century, original parchment binding.

Catalog record: VAULT BV4647 .C5A4 1460

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Book of hours (use of Rome) with added prayers and Marian litanies. VAULT BX2080 .A2 1470z

Book of hours (use of Rome) : with added prayers and Marian litanies.

A nearly complete fifteenth-century Book of Hours from the Convent of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, late fifteenth century. In addition to the Hours of the Virgin, Penitential Psalms, and Office of the Dead, the manuscript contains unusual Marian litanies.

Fols. 109v: Pars prima. Graded kalendar beginning with March. Dominican saints Dominic and Peter Martyr in red, alongside the Venetian saints George and Mark, as well as SS. John and Paul. Curious are Pelagia the Courtesan and Sabba -- Fol. 10r: Latin prayer, inc. "Deus qui ad imitandum," added to an orginally blank folio -- Fols. 10v-122v: Officium Beate Marie, of Dominican Use; fol. 10v Matins, 35r Lauds, 63 Prime, 72r Terce, 79r Sext, 85v none, 93 Vespers, 108r Compline -- Fol. 11: Blank, a replacement for a missing illuminated folio ; fols. 119r-122v: Seasonal instructions -- Fols. 123r-223v: Office of the Dead, for Dominican use -- Fols. 224r-244v: Penitential psalms -- Fols. 245r-257v: Kyrie and litany with ancillary texts -- Fols. 258r-261v: Prayers -- Fols. 261v-267r: Shorter Office of the Cross -- Fols. 267r-270v: Added texts, including indulgenced prayers -- Fols. 271r-294r: Pars secunda. Office of the Glorious Virgin = Officium gloriose virginis, not to be confused with the Office of the Virgin found at the beginning of the manuscript -- Fols. 294r-309r: Marian litany : Seventy names of the Virgin, with prayer for male use -- Fols. 309r-322r: Marian litany in honor of the most glorious Virgin -- Fols. 322v-330v: Prayers in Italian.

Catalog record: VAULT BX2080 .A2 1470z 

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Ferial Psalter and Breviary (use of the Roman curia). VAULT BX2033 .A2 1480

Ferial Psalter and Breviary (use of the Roman curia).

1 volume (404 folios) ; 11 cm

Fols. 1r-6v: double-graded kalendar full of saints, largely of Italian focus, many of which are centered on Brescia and even identify the city by name -- Fols. 7r-8r: Variant seasional Invitatories -- Fols. 8r-86v: Ferial Psalter, rubricated and with special instructions for the seasons -- Fols. 87r-254r: Temporale section of the Breviary, Use of the Roman Curia, including a Litany of the Saints on fols. 163r-163v -- Fols. 254r-360v. Sanctorale portion of the Breviary, use of the Roman Curia -- Fols. 360v-376r: Commune Sanctorum section of the Breviary, Use of the Roman Curia (Fol. 376v is blank, but has an erased inscription recording the date 1561) -- Fols. 377r-404v: Offices of the Holy Trinity, the Dead, Eternal Wisdom, the Blessed Virgin, special instruction for the Office of the Blessed Virgin, an ordo for catechumens, with a litany on fols. 402v-403r (an erased inscription on 404v records with world 'Milano' in the same hand as that on 376v). This section apparently added, for it is in a slightly different script and boasts a different decorative scheme.

Catalog record: VAULT BX2033 .A2 1480

Catholic Church. Missal (Prague, Czechoslovakia). VAULT BX2015 .A2 1501

Catholic Church. Missal (Prague, Czechoslovakia).

1501 182 leaves, 15 lines. Manuscript written in Prague [?] in large Gothic book script on paper. Bound in late manuscript parchment on boards from an antiphonal. Includes propers for translation of relics of St. Wenceslaus to St. Vitus' Cathedral, Prague on f. 109. Rubrics in red; some initials in red, some in blue. Cover is a manuscript leaf of a parchment antiphonal page with neumes and a humanistic script dating from 15th or 16th century.

Catalog record: VAULT BX2015 .A2 1501

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Processional (for the use of the Dominican sisters of St. Louis, Poissy). VAULT BX2032 .A2 1510z

Processional : (for the use of the Dominican sisters of St. Louis, Poissy).

168 leaves : parchment, ink, illuminations ; 160 mm x 105 mm

First and last leaves blank, very fine light quality vellum, complete; text 100 x 59-62 mm, ruled in red, 21 lines per page (text) or 7 red 4-line staves with square musical notation and textlines, staves superimposed on the original ruling (so they can appear double-lined) by one hand in a clean and regular Textualis Formata. 10 small miniatures and 3 historiated initials, 8 within full decorative borders, many pages with single-sided bars, some with further decoration of tendrils and ivy-leaves, sometimes inhabited by a bird or insect, countless illuminated initials in red and blue varying in size between 1-6 lines on square burnished golden grounds including tendrils and white penwork, some linefillers, rubrics and cadels; couple of minor tears to margins, one repaired with contemporary stitches, the pigments and gold particularly striking, a very clean fresh copy. ‘Pitou’ chased into the armorial gold leaf on vol 124v.

The subjects of the elegant panel miniatures and historiated initials are as follows: Mass of St Gregory fol.1; Presentation in the Temple fol. 13; Resurrection fol. 97; Ascension of Christ fol. 99; Corpus Christi with St Dominic and a Bishop fol. 102v; St Dominic with a dog (as a visual pun alluding to the “Domini Canes”, the dogs of the Lord, as the Dominicans became known after they had become active in the inquisition) fol.109v; Assumption of the Virgin fol.112v; St Louis fol.117; Nativity of the Virgin fol. 121; St Ursula fol. 124v; St Nicholas fol. 126; St Catharine fol. 131; St Sebastian fol. 141. St Catharine, St Nicholas and St Sebastian are historiated initials. The approximately square miniatures vary in size from 6 lines in height in the musical sections to 4 lines in the text. The Mass of St Gregory spans 7 lines.

Catalog record: VAULT BX2032 .A2 1510z  

Ovid. Metamorphoses. VAULT PA6519 .M2 1550

​Ovid. Metamorphoses.

Second half of the 16th century. Italy. Written in rounded humanistic script on paper. No title page, but each of the 15 books has half-title, sepia drawing at the beginning of text, and ornamental sepia initial. Interlinear Italian translation in similar hand of first 24 leaves. Illustrated with pen drawings. 512 leaves.

Catalog record: VAULT PA6519 .M2 1550

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Klammer, Balthassar. [Auszug aus allerley Rechtsbuchern]. VAULT KK276 .K56 1560

​Klammer, Balthassar. [Auszug aus allerley Rechtsbuchern]

Luneburg, between 1560 and 1578. With large inked chapter headings. These selections from various jurisprudential works were compiled by Balthasar Klammer for his son Otto who was entering public office. They were intended to provide a concise handbook to clarify the confusing legal literature of the time. 136 leaves.

Catalog record: VAULT KK276 .K56 1560

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Perez, Antonio. Carta de el secretaro, Antonio Perez, al duque de Lerma de la manera que seharia de governar en la privanza. VAULT JC393 .B3P4

Perez, Antonio. Carta de el secretaro, Antonio Perez, al duque de Lerma de la manera que seharia de governar en la privanza.

Between 1568 and 1579. 154 leaves. (13-18 lines per leaf). Manuscript written in Spain. Bound in old parchment with red velvet ribbon place marker secured to cover by metal seal with crown and decorative initials. Letter written by Antonio Perez, secretary to Philip II of Spain, addressed to the duke of Lerma, providing advice for princes on governing from privilege, illustrated with examples from the Spanish court.

Catalog record: VAULT JC393 .B3P4

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Italian and English phrases. VAULT PC1121 .I82 1600

Italian and English phrases.

London? 1600-1626. Manuscript containing 90 pages of Italian phrases, accompanied by English translations, followed by 30 p. of poetry, etc. Signed at end: Giouanni Aurelio, notario publico de Londra. On front fly-leaf in ms.: "Questo libro appartene a mi Carlo Longland, April XXI, 1626." Accompanied by a seal in red wax, without a name.

Catalog record: VAULT PC1121 .I82 1600

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