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English 4206W Guide to Resources: Women in the Early Middle Ages

Resources to support the study of women in the early Middle Ages. For a wider variety of resources, see the Guide to Medieval Literature.

Serial Bibliographies/Databases

We usually think of databases as the main tool for finding articles in journals, but they also list selected books, chapters in books, dissertations, conference proceedings, and other types of publications. Usually there is a way to limit to specific types of materials.

CAUTION: If you limit to "full text", you will see only what is available in full text IN THAT DATABASE. Our FindIt@MU links will take you to the full text, even if it is in a different database, so we advise against using this limit.

ALERT: Chapters in books are often similar to articles in journals; simply published in a topic-oriented collection rather than in an ongoing serial. Even if they are not immediately online, you can follow the FindIt@MU link to request a pdf of a chapter, if that is all you need.

Book Catalogs & Online Book Collections

While the databases/bibliographies list some books, library catalogs and ebook collections are usually more comprehensive.

NOTE: At this time, Discover@MU searches some ebook collections that are NOT listed in the MERLIN catalog. Since it also searches MERLIN, it's best to start with Discover@MU.

The MERLIN catalog allows some more finesse in searching for books so is still useful if you have a very specific search. You can also expand your search to all the academic libraries in Missouri by using the MOBIUS catalog, and then beyond that to Prospector, for materials from Colorado. You can have materials from any of these catalogs delivered to any of the MU libraries for pick-up.

Note that none of these catalogs searches the full text of books, just a brief description. Google Book Search allows you to search within books that Google has digitized and in most cases preview a few pages. Usually a link in the left sidebar will then help you find the physical book in a library.