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English 2100: Writing About Literature: "Love Reconsidered"

Resources to support Writing About Literature: Love Reconsidered, taught by Prof. John Evelev, Fall 2020.

Research & Criticism

While Discover@MU searches a broad array of our resources, it sometimes lacks precision and does NOT search ALL of our databases. Of those below, it does search the MLA International Bibliography, but the MLA search interface is specially designed for literary research and offers more precision and focus. The other databases listed are NOT searched by Discover@MU! Don't miss out on the distinctive resources they offer.

A note on books.

Don't be daunted by books! In the Humanities, articles are often published in a book collection rather than in a journal, so books needn't be an intimidating amount of reading. "Long-form" books, that are not collections, are also very helpful for getting an overview of a topic or seeing how something specific fits into a larger context. You can quickly get an overview and focus on the most relevant portions by reading the first and last paragraphs of each chapter. Browsing through the footnotes or bibliography in a book will help you get acquainted with significant authors, publications, and strands of thought.

Discover@MU searches for both print and online books. The default search looks only for books that are in our collection, but we can easily borrow print books from other libraries or request a scan of a chapter within a book. Untick the box in the left sidebar that limits the search to "MU Collections" to see additional books. Follow the FindIt@MU buttons to find the quickest access to a book.

Note that library catalogs don't search the full text of books, just a brief description. Google Book Search allows you to search within books that Google has digitized and in most cases preview a few pages. Usually a link in the left sidebar will then help you find the physical book in a library.

Finding Book Reviews

It can take several years for criticism to be published, so scholarship on very recent works may not appear in the research databases. Book reviews or blog posts may be the main responses to a work for the first few years.

Book reviews may be found in most of the databases listed. Look for the advanced search feature and the option to limit by document type to review or book review.

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