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MU Librarians can help you teach students the skills to find, evaluate, and use quality resources for your research assignments. Contact a librarian to arrange to bring your class to the library, bring the librarian to your classroom, or arrange a "virtual visit" via Blackboard, for a customized instruction session on finding and using scholarly resources. 

Library Classroom Locations

Ellis Library

  • Room 159 (Reference Conference Room)
  • Room 213 (Electronic Classroom II---this classroom is for library instruction use only)
  • Room 4D11 (Old DOIT classroom)

Health Sciences Library  (Room HSL 117)

What People are Saying...

What people are saying...

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The library presentation was great for teaching the students MUCH more than I could have about the most important and relevant ways to conduct library research.  Many of the students reported benefiting signitifcantly through the knowledge they gained about utilizing library resources. I also saw this reflected in the overall quality of their research papers.
---MU faculty member

 This provided a fantastic grounding in research at MU's library!  Thanks so much for having this---learned a lot myself!
---MU faculty member

It is an integral part of my course and two other courses taught by two teachers on my team.  Without the library instruction presentation, our students would not know how to do research for papers and speeches they must create for their classes.
---MU faculty member