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Historical Short Story Fiction: Home

English 1000

Biographical Sources

Basic biographical information can be found in the following sources. For more detailed biographies, use the MERLIN Catalog to do a subject search on your person's name, putting last name first. Scroll down the resulting list of subject headings to find biographies.

LION: Literature Online Click on "Find Authors" and type in your author's name, last name first. Dictionary of Literary Biography Ref. Alcove 9. Use the Literary Index or check the index in the last volume of this series to see which volume contains information on your author. The DLB also gives nice lists of the authors' works. Contemporary Authors Ref. Alcove 10. This covers more recent authors than the DLB . Use the Literary Index or check the index in the last volume of this series to see which volume contains information on your author. Entries in CA also list reviews and interviews. Discovering Collection (Also called "Authors Modules".) Use the "Person Search" or "Literature Search" to find biographical information as well as criticism and plot summaries. Contemporary Southern Writers Ref. PS261.C569 1998 Southern Black Creative Writers, 1829-1953: Biobibliographies Z1229.N39 F67 1988 Southern Writers: a Biographical Dictionary Ref. PS261.S59 American ethnic literatures : native American, African American, Chicano/Latino, and Asian American writers and their backgrounds : an annotated bibliography Ref. Z1229.E87 P43 1992 Words matter : conversations with Asian American writers PS 153.A84 W67 2000 Encyclopedia of Southern Literature PS261.S515 1997 The companion to African literatures PR 9340.C65 2000

Book Reviews

Finding book reviews is usually a two step process. 1) Use the following databases and indexes to see what reviews have been published and where. If you're looking for reviews from a specific time period, be sure to use an index or database that covers publications from that time. 2) If the full text of the review is not provided in the database, use the MERLIN Catalog to see if we have the journal or newspaper and where we keep it. You may also check TDNet to see if the journal's available electronically. Feel free to Ask a Librarian for help. Literary Index This indexes many reference books, such as Contemporary Literary Criticism , Short Story Criticism , the Reference Guide to Short Fiction, etc. These sets reproduce parts of articles, including reviews and criticism, from earlier publications. Short Story Criticism in particular is good for finding the titles of the short story collections (books) that include your short story. This can help with finding reviews. ABELL Carries reviews from 1917 on. Search your author's name in the author slot (not subject), and be sure to limit your search to reviews using the pull-down menu. You will probably have more success if you know the name of the short story collection(s) in which your story was printed, because reviewers tend to review whole collections, rather than individual stories. Lexis-Nexis Academic Full text of newspapers and magazines from the mid-1980s on. Choose the "Guided News Search", category "Arts & Sports News", news source "Book, movie, music & play reviews". Search for the author and title of the book being reviewed. American Periodical Series Full text of American magazines and journals 1740-1900, when complete. Search your author and/or book title as keywords. 19th Century Masterfile An index to many 19th century publications. This is NOT a full-text index. It searches key words in the article title ONLY. Literary Index to American Magazines 1850-1900 Ref. PS 214.W38 1996 Look under the author of the book being reviewed. Reviews are indicated by "rev".

Contemporary Newspapers and other Primary Sources

ProQuest Historical Newspapers Online 1851-present. One of very few long running newspaper indexes. You may find stories reviewed here, but its best use is for finding news stories from the time of your short story -- both the time period written about and the time period when the story was published. You may also find the author's obituary here, if your author is dead. Lexis-Nexis Academic Provides the full text of many newspapers, generally from the mid-1980s to the present, although coverage varies depending on the newspaper. To find regional news, go to "Guided Search" and select the news category "U.S. News". Under news source, select a region or state. Click on "Source list" to see which papers and dates are covered. Documenting the American South (website) contains many full-text, firsthand accounts from ordinary people, including women and African Americans, living in the South. Best for late 19th-early 20th century. Civil Rights in Mississippi (website) includes oral histories, manuscripts and photographs put together by the University of Southern Mississippi. Each oral history interview starts with a list of topics covered. American Memory Project (website) is a repository of electronic full-text and multimedia files on various topics of historical interest. A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust: Documents (website) contains a list of links, mostly from the Nazi documentation and testimony and the U.S. military's research into the details of Nazism and the death camps Studying the Vietnam War Online (website) contains a mixture of superficial and more in-depth information. There is primary text here, but also a good deal of secondary material (historical analysis). San Francisco: Labor (website) by the Museum of the City of San Francisco contains primary documents, including reprints of articles from union newsletters and film clips. World History Archives: History of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (website) is a small repository of essays on the political, economic, social (including gender relations) and cultural history of Nigeria. Nigeria: A Country Study (website) This well-organized site presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of Nigeria and examines the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors. Research sponsored by the U.S. Army.

Additional Background Sources

Note: With most of these it pays to use the index at the back of the final volume in the set.

Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Ref.F209.E53 1989 Encyclopedia of Southern History Ref.F207.7.E52 Women's Studies Encyclopedia Ref HQ1115 .W645 1989 Encyclopedia of African-American culture and history Ref E185.E54 1996 The Asian American Encyclopedia Ref E184.O6 A8276 1995 Encyclopedia of the Holocaust Ref D804.3 .E53 1990 Violence in America: An Encyclopedia Ref HN90.V5 V5474 1999 The Vietnam experience : a concise encyclopedia of American l iterature, songs, and films Ref DS557.73 H55 1998 Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : a political, social, and military history Ref DS557.7.E53 1998 War and American popular culture : a historical encyclopedia Ref E181.W26 1999 Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century Ref E169.1 E626 2001 Encyclopedia of the interwar years : from 1919 to 1939 Ref D727.G745 2000 American Decades Ref. E169.12 .A419 1994 American Eras Ref. E168.A5118 1997 Encyclopedia of American Social History Ref. HN57.E58 1993 Literature and Its Times Ref. PN50.L574 1997 Citation Guides MLA style manuals are available on Index Table 11 in Ellis' Reference area in 1 South. Extensive examples of MLA citation style are also available on a University of Illinois website. Chose "Bibliography Styles" on the menu, and then MLA. If you use articles you obtained in full-text version directly from a library database, the citation protocol will be different than if you had found the article in paper copy in the library. Consult EbscoHost's MLA Style Guide for full-text articles in databases.

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