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HIST 2950 Sophomore Seminar in European History: Living in Modern Europe: Books

detail of Gioacchino Toma, I Piccoli Patrioti (The Little Patriots), 1862

excerpt from Gioacchino Toma's

Finding Books

  • Start your book search by doing a simple search in Discover@MU, the search in the blue box on the MU Libraries homepage.
  • The results page will also be the Advanced Discover@MU search, where you can adjust search terms as needed and filter results to "UM Books."
  • You may filter further to "Library Locations" but if you do, you must choose one of these at a time; there are several MU locations (Ellis, UM Depositories, MU Law, etc.), so it's often best to leave the search at UM and look through the 4-campus results.
  • We will fetch your books, but if you find books yourself, you may find more books.
  • Expand book search to MOBIUS for more books that can be sent to you at MU.
  • You can only use ebooks if they have an MU online access link.
  • Always check the book's location, note its call number, and check that it is not checked out.

Advanced Keyword Search Strategies

Discover@MU (filtered to UM books) search example:

Line 1: Italy OR Italian
Line 2: risorgimento OR unification OR 19th century
Line 3: ______________________


Examples of strings for Line 3:

  • film* OR cinema*
  • journalis* OR news* OR press
  • entertain* OR theat* OR litera*
  • gender* OR masculin* OR feminin*
  • educat* OR school*
  • modern*
  • religio* OR church OR secular*
  • sources OR correspondence - change dropdown to the left of the box to SUBJECT

If you click on a book's title, you will usually see the book's table of contents.

Course Syllabus


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