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Country Information: Haiti: Home

Information about Haiti from Government Sources. Thanks to student assistant Amanda Krewson who helped with the research and creation of this web resource.

General Information about Haiti from U.S. Federal Sources

General Information about Haiti from Non-Governmental Sources

Haitian Economic Development and Financial Standing

Haitian Politics and Government

Agriculture and Natural Resources in Haiti

Foreign Relations between the U.S. and Haiti

Humanitarian Efforts in Haiti

Images of Haiti

Haiti Earthquake Memorial

One of three memorial sites for the victims of the 2010 earthquake. Over 100,000 people are buried at each site.


Haitian Tap Tap

A Haitian Tap-Tap, or taxi, named for the noise the horn makes to get through traffic.


Aerial View of Haiti

Aerial view of the mountainous Haitian coastline.


Haitian Cuisine

A uniquely Haitian dish: Creole Chicken, Fried Plantains, Rice & Beans, and Picklese (Pikliz).


Photos Courtesy of Amanda Krewson (May 2016)

Maps of Haiti

Image leads to Interactive Map from Library of Congress.


Image leads to Interactive Google Map.

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