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Federal Income Tax Research: Home

Sources of information on Federal income tax law at the MU Law Library. Designed for MU Law students.

Bloomberg Law: BNA Tax Management Porfolios - password required

Westlaw Resourses - password required

RIA - Federal Tax Coordinator 2d 

Federal Tax Coordinator 2d is a treatise that combines detailed analyses of specific tax issues including income, estate, gift, excise, FICA and FUTA. See also RIA Checkpoint tab.

Warren, Gorham & Lamont Tax Treatises

A combination database containing WG&L tax treatises currently on Westlaw. See Scope Information for a complete list of the included treatises including the database identifiers for individual titles. Most of these individual treatises will have a Table of Contents.

LexisNexis - password required.

Rabkin & Johnson Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis

A comprehensive treatise on federal income tax law that takes a transactional approach.

Lexis(R) Tax Advisor

A 480-chapter treatise on federal income tax, estate & gift tax , international tax, and federal tax procedure, drawn from fifteen premier Matthew Bender tax treatises, including Taxation of Inventories, Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Tax & Tax Treaties, Federal Tax Practice & Procedure, Tax Controversies, Tax Planning for Corporations and Shareholders, and others, and is updated weekly. Its chapters have been written by more than 140 expert tax attorneys, professors and CPAs nationwide and contain thousands of hypothetical examples, Practice Insights, drafting checklists, and other helpful tools.


Federal Tax Research Guides



The Virtual Tax Library: A Comparsion of Five Electronic Tax Research Platforms

Professional Tax Organizations

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Considering an LLM in tax?

If taxation is an area you are interested in, you might consider obtaining an LLM in tax.  Although it is not required to work in this area of law, many employers look highly upon a tax LLM.  There are a number of law schools across the country that have tax LLM programs.  A few are listed below.


This guide would not have been possible without the thoughtful efforts of Amanda Yoder, MU '11.