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Simmons Insights

A guide to help users while navigating and using Simmons Insight.

What is Crosstab?

The "Crosstab" function creates a chart that can be read both horizontally and vertically to compare various data points. 

"Crosstab" can be found under the "Essentials" tab, and it's likely it may have already defaulted there. 

Instructions for SmartSearch:

1) Begin by selecting which data set you are interested in. (For many, the default data set works fine)


2) Type in your search parameters for one axis and either click column or rows, depending on where you would like it to be placed.

  • While selecting your terms, you can select multiple while holding CTRL. (If you see an item in red, that indicates that there are subcategories to select from.)
  • Once you have selected those terms, select the terms for the other side of the axis.
  • If you forgot were you selected your previous terms to go, simply look down to the bottom left under “Grid” to see which terms are located on each axis.

3) After selecting all your terms, click the arrow to run the report. (Depending on the number of terms selected, you may need to cross up or across to see all data.)

  • Under Chart Type, you may select a different view to fit your needs. (If it is still difficult to view, export the search as an .XLS file which will allow you to open up the data in an Excel document.)