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Product Liability Law Relevant to Plaintiffs in Missouri: Current Awareness Tools

Avanced Legal Research, Fall 2017


Law 360 is a great resource for current information about product liability law. It is a subscription legal news service (that you can get access to through LexisNexis -- if you have a LexisNexis subscription already, you can click here to access it if your plan covers it) that covers many areas of law. The fact that it covers many areas of law makes the searching a bit more difficult. You can try it free for seven days to see if you like it. It covers very pertinent information about products liability. You can even sign up to get their free Product Liability Newsletter (you can do that here - you will hopefully get a pop up asking you to insert your email address; if you don't, just click the "newsletter" box at the top to sign up), so some of the information is free of cost.

It is a bit difficult to find articles on Lexis on Law360, since you can not break down by subject area until after you put in search terms. If you subscribe the Law360 through its website, the navigability is a bit better and you can break down by subject area before you search. Law360 is updated almost daily and provides extremely up-to-date information. Some examples of great articles on Law360 that provide current developments in product liability are listed and linked below (the links will be to LexisNexis - if you do not have a subscription, you won't be able to access). There are, of course, many more helpful articles. These three just compile a lot of relevant, recent information into one place.

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