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Product Liability Law Relevant to Plaintiffs in Missouri: Online Services

Avanced Legal Research, Fall 2017


My overall recommendation for an online source for primary law and secondary sources is Westlaw.

Content Relevant to Product Liability Law

There are three main features of Westlaw that make it more desirable:

Other Reasons to Use Westlaw

While Lexis does have a great "Answers" feature that I prefer to Westlaw's and Bloomberg's "Product Safety and Liability Reporter" is wonderful, the fact that Westlaw has the Missouri Practice Series, the Practitioner Insights page, and access to the American Law of Products Liability 3d, along with the following advantages, make it the more preferable option:

  • Navigability:
    • Westlaw is much easier to search, in my opinion, than both LexisNexis and Bloomberg. LexisNexis requires a lot of backtracking to navigate to other parts of the website and Bloomberg requires a lot of clicking around to get where you want to go. Westlaw seems to be much more streamlined.
  • Secondary Sources Seem to be Updated More Often
    • While Bloomberg does not have a resource comparable to the Missouri Practice Series, LexisNexis's Mo Bar CLE's do not seem like they are updated as often as the Missouri Practice Series. It is important to have up-to-date information when researching, and Westlaw (when combined with the current awareness tools) does a great job of doing that.