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National Archives Microforms

National Archives Microfilm Publications.

Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Service,

Each National Archives microfilm collection owned by Ellis Library is entered in this guide as a separate collection. See National Archives List for a complete list of titles. Printed guides to individual collections, where available, are housed in the Special Collections Office. Collections are listed in the library's card catalogs or in MERLIN, the library's online catalog, under the governmental unit responsible for the creation of the archive. Ellis Library has 306 National Archives microfilm collections.

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United States. National Archives and Records Service. Catalog of national archives microfilm publications.

United States. National Archives. Publications of the National Archives, 1936-59.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1957 
National Archives microfilm publications. Microcopy no. M 248
11 reel(s)

The National Archives was established as an independent executive agency in 1934. In 1949 it was transferred to the General Service Administration where it became a part of the National Archives and Records Service. Reproduced in the collection are the publications of both the independent National Archives and NARS, the publications of the Federal Register Division, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, the Office of Records Management, and the National Historical Publications Commission for 1936 to 1956. Annual updates for 1957 to 1959 are reproduced on reels 9-11. Staff information papers, bulletins, annual reports, reference information papers, preliminary inventories and checklists, finding aids, exhibit catalogs, circulars, and miscellaneous other publications are filmed. Lengthy descriptions of World War II records are on reel Seven. A guide to National Archives microfilm publication T 120, Index of Microfilmed Records of the German Foreign Ministry, is on reel ten and the guides to fourteen collections of German Records Microfilmed at Alexandria, VA (Microcopy nos. T 71, T 74, T 81, T 76, T 84, T 82, T 253, T 73, T 178, T 78, T 177, T 312, and T 77) are on reels 10 and 11.

An uncataloged guide, Publications of the National Archives, 1936-1956, is available in the Special Collections Office. It lists each publication that is included.

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