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Literature and Language Microforms

Concordances and Texts of the Fourteenth Century Aragonese Manuscripts of Juan Fernandez De Heredia.

Madison, WI: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1982
110 fiche

Contains 17 titles.

Brief guide at the beginning of the collection. See also contents note in MERLIN.

MICF 1679

Cosenza, Mario Emilio. Biographical and Bibliographical Dictionary of the Italian Humanists

New York: Graphic Microfilm Corporation, 1955
29 reel(s)

FILM 4D21:14:3 - Request access

Eighteenth Century French Fiction.

Cambridge, MA: General Microfilm Company, 
12 reel(s)

70 titles.

An uncataloged contents list is available in the Special Collections office.

FILM 4D21:15:1 - Request access

Mira de Amescua, Antonio. Plays

53 reel(s)

81 titles.

Consult MERLIN for holdings. See also: Spanish Drama of the Golden Age and Four Centuries of Spanish Drama.

FILM 4D21: 24:1 – 24:3 - Request access

Molina, Tirso de. Various Plays

7 reel(s)

100 titles.

Consult MERLIN for holdings. See also: Spanish Drama of the Golden Age.

FILM MISC - Request access

Revistas Hispanoamericana.

Cambridge, MA: General Microfilm Company,

Titles are individually cataloged in MERLIN. An uncataloged guide is available in the Special Collections office.



Leavitt, Sturgis E. (Sturgis Elleno), b. 1888. Revistas hispanoamericanas : ?â?¡ndice bibliogr?â?ífico, 1843-1935

Four Centuries of Spanish Drama.


8000 plays.

Each play is cataloged.

MICF 862


Thompson, Lawrence Sidney, 1916- A bibliography of Spanish plays on microcards, by Lawrence S. Thompson.

Spanish and Portuguese Bibliographies.

New Canaan, CT: Readex Corporation, 
666 card(s)

Not cataloged in MERLIN.

MICPT 016.98

Spanish Drama of the Golden Age 1500-1700.

Woodbridge, CT: Research Publications, 
86 reel(s)

3200 titles

Each title is cataloged in MERLIN.

FILM 4D21: 15:2-3 - Request access


Regueiro, Jose M. Spanish drama of the golden age; a catalogue of the comedia collection in the University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Spanish Rare Books of the Golden Age (1472-1700) Items 1-1301

Vega, Lope de. Alejandro El Segundo.

1 reel(s)

Vega (1562-1635), a novelist, poet, and playwright, is considered to be the greatest dramatist in the Spanish language. He wrote as many as 1,500 plays, at least 350 of which survive today. A contemporary of Shakespeare, he rivals the Bard in variety of characters, tone, and subject matter. This work is a comedy written in Vega’s own hand, and the original is located in Parma, Italy, in the Biblioteca Palatina.

FILM MISC - Request access

Vega, Lope de. Plays

130 titles

Consult MERLIN for holdings.

FILM MISC - Request access