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Literature and Language Microforms

Biblioteca Palatina. Druckschriften -Stampati Palatini -Printed Books

Munich : New York: K.G. Saur, 1989 
21,103 fiche

Collection of 8,000 Greek, Latin, oriental and Humanist works reproduced in microform. Considered the foremost collection of the 15th, 16th and 17th century texts, the Palatina Collection originated in Heidelberg at the bequest of Prince Elector Ludwig III. It was transferred to the Vatican in 1623, where it currently resides. The fiche is labeled according to the original library’s shelf arrangement by size (i.e. Stamp. Pal. S., Stam. Pal. I-VI, and so on). Items are chiefly in Latin. Fiches are numbered alphanumerically in right corner of header.

MICF 6698


Mittler, Elmar Bibliotheca Palatina : Druckschriften = stampati Palatini = printed books : Katalog zur Mikrofiche-Ausgabe

In German

Vorl?â?ñufiger alphabetischer Index

Temporary alphabetical index on 32 microfiches (chiefly in Latin)

This short pamphlet is a printed introduction in German with English on inverted pages.

Franklin, James L. The Architectonics of the Epyllion in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.



Répertoire bio-bibliographique des auteurs latins, patristiques et médiévaux

Paris: Chadwyck-Healey, 1987 
492 fiche

A cumulative bibliography with over 210,000 entries covering the field of literature in Latin from Tertullian to Jean Trithème. Authors and titles of anonymous works are listed in a single alphabetical sequence from Abelard to Pope Zosime.

Reproduces a card catalog compiled at the Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes between 1940 and 1984, chiefly by Elisabeth Pellegrin. The catalog constitutes a retrospective and cumulative bibliography of works by and about Latin authors who lived and worked between ca. 200 A.D. (Tertullian) and ca. 1500 (Johannes Trithemius). The bibliographical references encompass critical essays about these authors, critical editions of their writings, and works about their manuscripts. The catalog indicates which of the works listed are available at the Institut.

MICF 3416

Trinity College (University of Cambridge) Library Mediaeval Manuscripts Collection Including Some Post-Medieval Manuscripts Section V. Literature. Part A. General. Part B. The Greek and Later Classics.

London: World Microfilms Publications, 1979 
61 reel(s)

235 titles.

An uncataloged guide, Trinity College, Cambridge. The Mediaeval Manuscript Collection, is available in the Special Collections office.



Trinity College (University of Cambridge). Library. The western manuscripts in the library of Trinity college, Cambridge. A descriptive catalogue by Montague Rhodes James.

Wüst, Ernst. Lexicon Aristophaneum.

München: K.G.Sauer, 1984 
34 fiche

Contains a microfiche lexicon (German/Greek) for the comedies of Aristophanes.

Microfiche issued in portfolio form – see guide to view items.