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William Peden Short Story Collection


Items are listed under the author, title, and call number of the book in which they were found. Entries are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name.

NYTBR: New York Times Book Review
NYR: New York Review
TLS: Times Literary Supplement

FF 1.
Abrahams, William. Fifty Years of the American Short Story. PS645 .A2 1970

  • Letter, Samuel Vaughan to William Peden, 20 January 1971.
  • Peden, William. Review of Fifty Years of the American Short Story. Kansas City Star 3 January 1971, 6E.

Ackerman, Diane. Lady Faustus. PS3551.C48 L3 1983

  • Letter, Diane Ackerman to Margaret Peden, 4 April 1985

Acosta, Sofía. Puebla de Los Angeles. PQ7798.1.C6 P7 1982

  • Letter, William Peden to Sofía Acosta, 10 October 1983

Agnon, S.J. Tehilla and other Israeli Stories. PJ5059.E8 T4 1956

  • Peden, William. Book review.

Aiken, Conrad. The Collected Short Stories. PS3501.I5 A17 1960

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Bevington, Helen. “The Siren’s Story.” NYTBR 22 May 1983, n.p.

Algren, Nelson. Nelson Algren’s own book of lonesome monsters. PS648.S5 A43 1963

  • Publisher’s press release

FF 2.
Allen, Walter. The Short Story in English. PR829 .A47 1981

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Letter, William Peden to William Stafford, 9 February 1981
  • Peden, William. Review of The Short Story in English. Modern Fiction Studies 27/4 (winter 1981-82): 767-68.

Angus, Douglas (ed.). Best Short Stories of the Modern Age. PN6120.2 .A5 1962

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Barnes, Djuna. Selected Works. PS3503.A614 A6 1962

  • Rose, Phyllis. “The Stature of an Eccentric.” NYTBR 26 June 1983, 9.

Bates, H.E. The Watercress Girl. PR6003.A965 W3 1959

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Bates, H.E. Seven by Five. PR6003.A965 S49 1972

  • Newspaper advertisement

Bates, H.E. The Grapes of Paradise. PR6003.A965 G7 1960

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

FF 3.
Bates, H.E. An Autobiography. Volume 1: The Vanished World. PR6003.A965 Z5

  • TLS 9 January 1981, 27-28.
  • Review copy slip, “sent with the compliments of H.E. Bates.”
  • Christmas card
  • Postcard
  • Letter, William Peden to Sandra Taylor, 26 October 1981
  • Peden, William. Foreword to the American edition of The Vanished World.
  • Typewritten notes

Bates, H.E. Summer in Salandar. PR6003.A965 S8 1957

  • Typewritten notes

Bates, H.E. The Enchantress and Other Stories. PR6003.A965 E5 1961

  • Dennis, Nigel. “The Climate Remains the Same.” Unknown source.
  • Clipping, information on The Enchantress.
  • Clipping, “H.E. Bates.”

Beachcroft, T.O. The English Short Story. PR99 .B5 169

  • Letter, William Peden to “Writers and Their Work,” 18 February 1980.
  • TLS 12 October 1956, 599-600.

Berry, John. Flight of White Crows. PS 3503.E7382 F5 1961

  • Vita for John Berry

Betts, Doris. Beasts of the Southern Wild. PS3552.E84 B4 1973a

  • Letter, M.S. Wyeth to William Peden, 21 September 1973

Bierce, Ambrose. In the Midst of Life. PS1097 .A15 1909

  • Copy order slip.

FF 4.
Blotner, Joseph Leo. Faulker: A Biography. Vol. 1. PS3511.A86 Z63 1974

  • Letter, Thorpe Menn to William Peden, 21 February 1974
  • Publisher’s press release
  • Notepaper with manuscript notes
  • Faulkner symposium speakers

Borowski, Tadeus. This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen. PG7158.B613 T4 1967

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Bowen, Elizabeth. Early Stories. PR6003.O6757 A15 1951

  • Glendinning, Victoria. “Sleepy Sub-Texts.” Unknown source.

Bowles, Jane. The Collected Works. PS3503.O837 A6 1966

  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Marten, Harry. “A Writer Cut off from Words.” NYTBR 28 July 1985, 10.

Briarcliff Quarterly. PN6010.5 .B7

  • Letter, Norman Pearson to William Peden, 18 April 1972

Brodkey, Harold. First Love and Other Sorrows. PS3552.R6224 F5 1957

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Broughton, Irv. In Appreciation of George Garrett. Special edition of Mill Mountain Review, vol. 1-4. PS3557.A72 Z7 1971

  • Manuscript notes.

Burnett, Whit. Story Jubilee. PN6120.2 .S7 1965

  • Peden, William. Review of Story Jubilee. Typescript.

Busch, Frederick. Hardwater Country. PS3552.U814 H37 1979b

  • Letter, [illegible signature] to William Peden, 13 December 1978
  • Letter, [illegible signature] to William Peden, n.d. photocopy.

FF 5.
Caldwell, Erskine. We Are the Living. PS3505.A322 W4 1933

  • Publisher’s press release for Fifty Best American Short Stories 1915-1965
  • Card, “Compliments of Houghton Mifflin Company”
  • Get well card
  • Index card with manuscript notes
  • Letter, Virginia Moffett Caldwell to William and Margaret Peden, June 1983

Calvino, Italo. Difficult Loves. PQ4809.A45 A813 1984

  • Typewritten notes
  • Publisher’s press release
  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Towers, Robert. “Light and Lively.” NYR, n.d, n.p.
  • Vidal, Gore. “On Italo Calvino.” NYR, n.d., n.p.

Camoin, François André. Why men are afraid of women. PS3553.A437 W48 1984

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Camoin, François André. The end of the world is Los Angeles. PS3553.A437 E5 1982

  • Press release from the Missouri Review
  • Announcement, William Peden Prize in Fiction

FF 6.
Capote, Truman. A tree of night, and other stories. PS3505.A59 T65 1949

  • “Murió en Los Angeles el Novelista Truman Capote.” Excelsior 26 August 1984, 33-A+.
  • Clemons, Walter. “Handcarved Capote.” Newsweek 11 August 1980, 70.
  • Kroll, Jack. “Truman Capote: 1924-1984.” Newsweek 3 September 1984, 46.

Carroll, Paul. Irish Stories and Plays. PR6005.A74 I7 1958

  • Publisher’s review copy slips

Carver, Raymond. Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? PS3553.A7894 W5 1976

  • Wood, Michael. “Stories Full of Edges and Silences.” NYTBR 26 April 1981, 1.
  • Towers, Robert. “Low-Rent Tragedies.” NYR 14 May 1981, 37.
  • Clute, John. “Word-Danger.” TLS 24 May 1985, 572.
  • “Celebrating Wagner on Disc.” Newsweek 5 September 1983, 65.
  • Clemons, Walter. “Handcarved Capote.” Newsweek 11 August 1980, 70.
  • Prescott, Peter S. “Lost and Found.” Newsweek 27 April 1981, 96.

Cassill, R.V. The Happy Marriage and Other Stories. PS3553.A796 H3 1966

  • Invitation to show of paintings, drawings and lithographs of R.V. Cassill

Cheever, John. The enormous radio, and other stories. PS3505.H6428 E5 1953

  • Hislop, Andrew. “Unrevealing All,” TLS 28 November 1980. Newspaper clipping.
  • Hardwick, Elizabeth. “Cheever, or The Ambiguities,” source unknown, 20 December 1984. 3 Newspaper clippings.
  • Newspaper advertisement.

Cheever, John. The Housebreaker of Shady Hill. PS3505.H6428 H6 1958

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Letter, Ray Walters, Jr. to William Peden

Clayton, John Bell. The strangers were there. PS3553.L385 S8 1957

  • Peden, William. Review of The Strangers Were There. Typescript.
  • Publisher’s review copy slip for The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac.
  • Publisher’s press release for The Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac

FF 7.
Colwin, Laurie. Passion and Affect. PS3553.O4783 P3 1974

  • Photograph of Laurie Colwin
  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Publisher’s press release
  • Newspaper advertisement for The Lone Pilgrim

Connell, Evan S. The anatomy lesson, and other stories. PS3553.O5 A65 1957

  • Yourgrau, Barry. “Modulations of Mood,” source unknown.
  • Newspaper advertisement, NYTBR 8 July 1976

Curley, Daniel. That Marriage Bed of Procrustes. PS3553.U65 I5 1957

  • Letter, Daniel Curley to William Peden, 8 June 1970

Current-García, Eugene. What is the short story? PN3373 .C8 1961

  • Letter, William Peden to Helmut Gerber, 30 April 1968

Dahl, Roald. Someone Like You. PR6054.A35 S6 1953

  • Draft of book review. Typescript.
  • Paper with manuscript notations.

Dawson, Fielding. Krazy Kat & 76 more: collected stories, 1950-1976. PS3554.A948 K7 1982

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

FF 8.
De la Mare, Walter. The Collected Stories. PR6007.E3 A15 1950

  • Inside flaps of dust jacket.

Decker, Clarence (ed.). Modern Stories from Many Lands. PN6120.2 .L5 1963

  • Draft of book review. Typescript.

Dodd, Susan M. Old Wives’ Tales. PS3554.O318 O4 1984

  • Brochure, The Iowa School of Letters Award for Short Fiction
  • Order form
  • Letter signed Teri Gullickson

Drewe, Robert. The bodysurfers. PR9619.3 D77 B6 1984

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Eaton, Charles Edward. Write Me from Rio. PS3509.A818 A15 1959

  • “Eaton wins poetry prize for a work-in-progress.” Source unknown. Newspaper clipping.

FF 9.
Elliot, George P. Among the Dangs. PS3555.L58 A7 1961

  • Newspaper clipping with several book reviews, source unknown.
  • Notes on J.T.
  • Judith and Other Stories by James T. Farrell. Typescript.
  • Manuscript notes

Enright, Elizabeth. The Moment Before the Rain. PS3555.N7 M6 1955

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Farrell, James T. French girls are vicious, and other stories. PS3511.A738 F7 1955

  • Photograph of James T. Farrell

Farrell, James T. A Dangerous Woman and Other Stories. PS3511.A738 D3 1957

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

FF 10.
Faulkner, William. Big Woods. PS3511.A86 B5 1955

  • Postcard, Tom Hawkins to William Peden, 1986
  • Notecard with manuscript notes

Ferguson, J.M. The Summerfield Stories. PS3556.E713 S8 1985

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Fisher, Vardis. Love and Death. PS3511.I744 L6 1959

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Foley, Martha (ed.). The Best American Short Stories 1973. PS659.B5 1973

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Foley, Martha (ed.). The Best American Short Stories 1967. PS659.B5 1967

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Foley, Martha (ed.). Fifty best American short stories, 1915-1965. PS648.S5 B44 1965

  • Peden, William. “Worthwhile Stories by Little-Known Writers.” source unknown.
  • Letter to William Peden signed Jim, undated.

Foley, Martha. The Story of Story Magazine. PN149.9.F6 A37 1980

  • Saroyan, William. “Editor and Heroine.” Source unknown.
  • Sorensen, Ralph C. Letter to the editor. NYTBR 7 September 1980, 39.
  • Afterword, The Story of Story Magazine, 271. photocopy.

Ford, Jesse Hill. Fishes, Birds, and Sons of Men. PS3556.O7 F5

  • Letter, Jesse Hill Ford to William and Margaret Peden, 21 February 1968
  • Letter, Jesse Hill Ford to William and Margaret Peden, 11 December 1970

FF 11.
Francis, Richard. Swansong. PR6056.R277 S93 1987

  • Christmas card

Friedman, Bruce Jay. Let’s Hear It for a Beautiful Guy. PS3556.R5 L4 1984

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Photograph of Bruce Jay Friedman

García Márquez, Gabriel. Collected Stories. PQ8180.17.A73 A27 1984

  • Gray, Paul. “Fragments of a Fabulous World.” Time 31 December 1984, 68.
  • Reefer, Mary M. “Bizarre stories of a compliant, trusting people.” Kansas City Star 30 December 1984, 1F+.
  • Advertisement for Collected Stories, NYR 20 December 1984.

Garrett, George. The Magic Striptease. PS3557.A72 M3 1973c

  • Draft of review, manuscript and typescript.
  • Letter, Samuel S. Vaughan to William Peden, 13 September 1973

Garrett, George. An Evening Performance. PS3557.A72 E9 1985

  • Letter, Studies in Short Fiction to Doubleday & Company, 26 August 1985

Garrett, George. Welcome to the Medicine Show. PS3557.A72 W4

  • Garrett, George. “Little Movie without Middle.” Palaemon Broadside no. 8, copy no. 50, signed by the author.
  • Garrett, George. Do Lord, Remember Me. PS3557.A72 D6 1965b
  • Newspaper advertisement.
  • “In Short.” Unknown source, 6 October 1985.
  • Publisher’s review copy slip for An Evening Performance
  • Flyer for An Evening Performance

FF 12.
Gellhorn, Martha. The Honeyed Peace. PS3513.E46 H6 1953

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Gellhorn, Martha. Pretty Tales for Tired People. PS3513.E46 P7 1965

  • Newspaper advertisement

Georgian Stories 1922. PR1309.S5 G46

  • Dust jacket.
  • Gilchrist, Ellen. Victory over Japan. PS3557.I34258 V5 1984
  • Sexton, David. “The wacky woman’s whyyyyyy not world.” TLS 24 May 1985, n.p.
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Letter, Ellen Gilchrist to William Peden, n.d.

Ginzburg, Ralph. An Unhurried view of erotica. HQ471 .G5 1958b

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Publisher’s press release
  • Letter, Ralph Ginzburg to William Peden, 21 May 1958
  • Review form

Gordimer, Nadine. Friday’s Footprint and other stories. PR9369.3 G6 F7 1960

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Wakeman, John. “Below the Surface of Life,” unknown source.
  • Newspaper clipping.

Gordimer, Nadine. Selected Stories. PR9369.G6 A15 1976

  • Newspaper advertisement for A Soldier’s Embrace
  • Tuohy, Frank. “Breaths of Change,” TLS, 25 April 1980, n.p.

FF 13.
Goyen, William. The house of breath. PS 3513.O97 H6 1975

  • Letter, James Silberman to William Peden, 20 March 1975
  • Letter, William Peden to James Silberman, 7 March 1975 (copy)

Grau, Shirley Ann. The Wind Shifting West. PS3557.R283 W5 1973

  • Photograph of Shirley Ann Grau

Greene, Graham. May we borrow your husband? And other comedies of the sexual life. PR6013.R44 M3 1967

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Guerney, Bernard Guilbert. New Russian Stories. PG3286 .G8 1953

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Guthrie, A.B. The big it, and other stories. PS3513.U855 B5 1960

  • La Farge, Oliver. “One Ear Was Kept Cocked for the Sound of Blackfeet,” source unknown, 21 February 1960.

FF 14.
Hale, Nancy. Heaven and Hardpan Farm. PS3515.A273 H4 1957

  • M.P. “Eight Women in Sanitarium.” Source unknown.
  • Biographical information for Nancy Hale.
  • Contemporary novelists list

Henry, O. The pocket book of O. Henry. PS2649.P5 A6 1956

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Humphrey, William. The Last Husband. PS3558.U464 L3 1953

  • Letter, William Humphrey to William Peden, 26 February 1958.

Intro. PS508.C6 I63 no.2

  • Invitation to meet Peter Leach

Kafka, Franz. The Penal Colony. PT2621.A26 P4 1948

  • Dust jacket.

Kafka, Franz. The Complete Stories. PT2621.A26 A15 1971

  • Michaels, Leonard. “Everything Human was Alien to Him.” NYTBR 10 June 1984, 1.
  • Prescott, Peter S. “A Key to Unknown Rooms.” Newsweek 1 February 1982, 65.

FF 15.
Knowles, John. A Separate Peace. PS3561.N68 S4

  • Letter, John Knowles to William Peden, 18 August 1959

La Farge, Oliver. Behind the Mountains. F801.L23 1956

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Leavitt, David. Family Dancing. PS3562.E2618 F3 1984

  • Remnick, David. “Critics Nominate Doerr, Leavitt Books.” Washington Post 13 December 1984, n.p.
  • Notecard with manuscript notes.
  • Newspaper advertisement.

Leskov, Nikolai. Selected Tales. PG3337.L5 A25 1961

  • Salisbury, Harrison. “The Story is Russia.” NYTBR 10 September 1961, n.p.

Lessing, Doris. The Habit of Loving. PR6023.E833 H3 1957

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Lessing, Doris. This Was the Old Chief’s Country. PR6023.E833 T4 1953

  • Newspaper advertisement.

Lowry, Malcolm. Hear Us O Lord from Heaven Thy Dwelling Place. PR6023.O96 H4 1961

  • Publisher’s biographical note on Malcolm Lowry
  • Publisher’s press release
  • Newspaper advertisement

FF 16.
McAlmon, Robert. A Hasty Bunch. PS3525.A1143 H3 1977

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

MacLaverty, Bernard. Secrets and Other Stories. PR6063.A2474 S4 1984

  • Publisher’s press release
  • Lehman, David. “A Silver Age of Short Stories.” Newsweek 14 January 1985, 68-70.

Madden, David. The Shadow Knows. PS3563.A339 S4 1970

  • Newspaper clipping, unknown source.

Malamud, Bernard. Stories of Bernard Malamud. PS3563.A4 A6 1983

  • Prescott, Peter S. “Malamud: ‘A Universal Writer.'” Newsweek 31 March 1986, 78.

Malamud, Bernard. Rembrandt’s Hat. PS3563.A4 R4 1973

  • Manuscript notes.

Marlett, Melba. The Frightened Ones. PS3525.A628 F7 1956

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

FF 17.
Matheson, Richard. The shrinking man a gold medal original. PS3563.A8355 S57

  • Letter, Richard Matheson to William Peden, 8 June 1956

Mayes, Herbert R. (ed.). Editor’s choice; 26 modern short stories from Good Housekeeping. PN6120.2 G6 1956

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Menaker, Daniel. Friends and Relations. PS3563.E46 F7 1976

  • Peden, William. Book review. Typescript.

Metcalf, John (ed.). Making it New: Contemporary Canadian Stories. PR.9197.32 M34 1982

  • Letter, Leon Rooke to William Peden, 3 September 1982
  • Rough draft of comment on Making It New with manuscript corrections, undated
  • Letter, Leon Rooke to William Peden, 12 December 1982
  • Letter, William Peden to Leon Rooke, undated

Michaels, Leonard. I Would Have Saved Them if I Could. PS3563.I28 I2 1975

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Michaels, Leonard. “Anything Might Influence Me.” NYTBR 9 August 1981, 3.

Miguéis, José Rodrigues. Steerage and Ten Other Stories. PQ8261.M568 A254 1983

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

FF 18.
Moss, Howard. The Poet’s Story. PS648.S5 M6 1973

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Publisher’s press release

Nabokov, Victor. Nabokov’s dozen; a collection of thirteen stories. PS 3527.A15 A15 1958

  • Invitation to the presentation of the National Medal for Literature to Victor Nabokov, 16 April 1974

Norman, Gurney. Kinfolks: The Wilgus Stories. PS3564.O57 1977

  • Letter, William Peden to Gurney Norman , 1 May 1984

O’Connor, Flannery. Everything that rises must converge. PS3565.C57 E85 1965

  • Postcard, Tom Hawkins to William Peden, 1980
  • Postcard, William Peden to Sally Peden, 1958

O’Hara, John. Selected Stories. PS3529.H29 A6 1956

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Oates, Joyce Carol. The Goddess and Other Women. PS3565.A8 G6 1974

  • Postcard, George Core to William Peden, 12 December 1974
  • Letter, William Peden to George Core, 30 December 1974
  • Letter, George Core to William Peden, 3 January 1975

Olsen, Tillie. Tell me a riddle. PS3565.L82 T45 1961

  • Letter, Tillie Olsen to William Peden, n.d.

Paley, Grace. Enormous Changes at the Last Minute. PS3566.A46 E5 1974

  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Shapiro, Laura. “Handcrafted Fictions.” Newsweek 15 April 1985, 91.
  • Notecard with manuscript notes.
  • Invitation to public lecture and readings

FF 19.
Pritchett, V.S. Selected Stories. PR6031.R7 A6 1979

  • Letter, Joy F. Shaw to William Peden, 12 June 1979

Roth, Phillip. Goodbye Columbus. PS3568.O855 G6 1959

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Samuel, Edwin. His Celestial Highness. PR6037.A6 H5 1968

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Sansom, William. Lord Love Us. PR6037.A75 L6 1954

  • Letter, Ronald Tobias to William and Margaret Peden, n.d.

The Saturday Evening Post Stories 1959. PS648.S5 S37 1959

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Schwarzchild, Bettina. The Not-Right House. PS3531.U426 Z85 1968

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Letter, Bettina Schwarzchild to William Peden, 17 March 1969

Seager, Allan. The Old Man of the Mountain. PS3537.E123 O5 1950

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Selzer, Richard. Rituals of Surgery. PS3569.E585 R5 1974

  • Publisher’s synopsis and short bio

Seventeen from Seventeen. PS648.S5 R6 1967

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

FF 20.
Shacochis, Bob. Easy in the islands. PS3569.H284 E27 1985

  • Christmas card
  • Christmas card signed Bob and Cat, undated
  • Letter, Milton Glick to William Peden, 25 November 1985
  • Todd, Russell G. “Hemingway Clone: Queasy in the Islands,” The Asian Wall Street Journal, undated.
  • Postcard, signed Bob, to Bill and Margaret Peden
  • Gray, Paul. “Paradise Lost,” Time 18 February 1985, 100.
  • Fein, Cheri. “Free, White and Hairy-Chested,” NYTBR, n.d., n.p. Newspaper clipping.
  • Manuscript notes on Easy in the Islands, one page.

Shaw, T.E. The Odyssey of Homer. PA4025.A5 L3 1932A

  • Letter, A.W. Shaw to whom it may concern, June 1975
  • “Lawrence’s Own ‘Epitaph.'” Source unknown.

Sholokhov, Mikhail. One Man’s Destiny. PG3476.S52 S53 1967

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Sholokhov, Mikhail. Fierce and Gentle Warriors. PG3476.S52 F5 1967

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Short Story. PS645.S5 S43

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

FF 21.
Silvis, Randall. The Luckiest Man in the World. PS3569.I47235 L8 1984

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Publisher’s press release

Singer, Isaac Bashevis. Short Friday. PJ5129.S49 S4 1964

  • Newspaper advertisement

Sneider, Vern. A Long Way from Home. PS3537.N28 L6 1956

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Stafford, Jean. The Collected Stories. PS3569.T2 A15 1969

  • Clipping, “The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford,” NYTBR 29 April 1984, n.p.
  • Giroux, Robert. “Hard Years and ‘Scary Days’: Remembering Jean Stafford.” NYTBR 10 June 1984, 3+.
  • Newspaper clipping, “Everything Human was Alien.” unknown source.
  • Stafford, Jean. “An Etiquette for Writers.” 1952 Writer’s Conference in the Rocky Mountains, University of Colorado.

Steele, Wilbur Daniel. The Best Stories of Wilbur Daniel Steele. PS3537.T2787 A15 1946

  • Picture and short bio of author

Stegner, Wallace. The Women on the Wall. PS3537.T316 W6 1948

  • New book notice, source unknown.
  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Peden, William. “Wallace Stegner.” Proofs from unknown publication.

Stegner, Wallace (ed.). Twenty Years of Stanford Short Stories. PS648.S5 S7 1966

  • Card, “Sent with the compliments of the editors.”

Stern, James. The Man Who Was Loved. PS3537.T424 M3 1951

  • Front cover of dust jacket and inside flap with photo and bio of author

FF 22.
Story: The Magazine of the Short Story in Book Form PN6120.2.S73 (1951) no. 1

  • Card, “With all the best wishes for the holiday season”

The Story Today, 1966-67. PN6120.2 S7 1967

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Straus, Dorothea. Palaces and Prisons. PS3569.T6918 Z52 1976

  • Letter, Dorothea Straus to William Peden, 22 December 1976

Straus, Dorothea. Showcases. CT275.S8812 A29 1975

  • Newspaper advertisement for Under the Canopy by Dorothea Straus

Stuart, Jesse. My Land Has a Voice. PS3537.T92516 M9 1966

  • NYTBR 19 August 1984, 11-12.
  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Sullivan, Nancy. The History of the World as Pictures. PS3569.U35 H5

  • “Poet Succeeds with First Volume,” source unknown.

Taylor, Peter. Collected Stories. PS3539.A9633 A15 1969

  • TLS 23 August 1985, 923-26.
  • Letter, Armon Yanders to William Peden, 24 April 1970
  • Letter, Roger W. Straus to William Peden, 12 May 1970
  • Letter, Robert Giroux to William Peden, 5 May 1970

FF 23.
Thomas, Dylan. Adventures in the Skin Trade. PR6039.H52 A2 1955

  • Notes, typescript. 2 pages.

Thomas, Dylan. Quite Early One Morning. PR6039.H52 A6 1954

  • Publisher’s catalogue description of Collected Stories by Dylan Thomas
  • “Notes and Comment” from “The Talk of the Town.” The New Yorker 29 March 1982, 39-40.
  • Christmas card, 1984

Thurber, James. The World of John McNulty. PS3525.A2847 A6 1957

  • Publisher’s review copy slip

Tuohy, Frank. The Admiral and the Nuns. PR6070.U5 A72 1962

  • Cantor, Jay. Review of The Collected Stories of Frank Tuohy. Unknown source.
  • Prescott, Peter S. “The Whiplash Effect.” Newsweek 4 February 1985, 78.

Walser, Robert. Selected Stories. PT2647.A64 A25 1982

  • Publisher’s press release
  • Notecard with notes

Warner, Sylvia Townsend. Kingdoms of Elfin. PR6045.A812 K5 1977

  • Publisher’s review copy slip
  • Letter, Joy F. Shaw to William Peden

Warner, Sylvia Townsend. The Innocent and the Guilty. PR6045.A812 I5 1971

  • “The Good Witch of the West.” NYR 18 July 1984, 27-29.

Warner, Sylvia Townsend. Winter in the Air. PR6045.A812 W5 1956

  • Duchene, Anne. “Witty and Well-Mannered.” TLS 24 August 1984, 955.
  • Clipping, note for One Thing Leading to Another
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • NYTBR 17 January 1982, 9-10.
  • “Books.” The New Yorker 30 May 1983, 98-101.

FF 24.

Welty, Eudora. The Eye of the Story. PS3545.E6 E9 1977

  • Drafts and notes for book review

Williams, Tennessee. Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed. PS3545.I5365 E4 1974

  • Letter, Griselda Channessian to William Peden, 19 June 1974
  • Invitation to Gotham Book Mart meeting with Tennessee Williams
  • Postcard, announcement for conference on Tennessee Williams
  • Price, Reynolds. “His Battle Cry Was ‘Valor!'” source unknown. Newspaper clipping.
  • Hobson, Harold. “Peccadilloes.” TLS 18 May 1984, 552.
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Newspaper advertisement, TLS 18 May 1984, n.p.

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FF 25.
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FF 26. Miscellaneous Ephemera.

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