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Press Ephemera Collection

Ragpicker Press

  • Prospectus, The Journal of Elizabeth Jennings Wilson, 1853-1867, 1987.

Rather Press

  • Books in print, March 1980. Inscribed from Lois Rather.
  • Prospectus, J. Ross Brown, Adventurer, 1981

Reading Lion Press

  • Card, "Marcus ut alta fremit vox per deserta leonis", with illustration of a lion
  • Card with illustration of a lion printed on pink paper, 1984
  • Card, The Pony Barn, Boot Hill Farm
  • Card with bouquet of flowers
  • Keepsake, John Jacob Niles, 1983
  • Keepsake, "after a Picasso portrait of Witold-K."
  • Card, Christmas 1982
  • Card, Ship woodcut, 1982
  • Card, winged lion, 1982
  • Card, Boot Hill Farm on Boone Creek
  • Card, "1791 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1991. Opera of Central Kentucky."
  • Print of a house on translucent paper

Red Butte Press

  • Prospectus, De Historia Stirpium by Leonhart Fuchs, 1982
  • Portfolio card, "Red Butte Press," 2003. 2 copies.

Red Ozier Press

  • Booklet, "New Titles for Fall 1983 by Edouard Roditi, Guy Davenport, Lawrence Fixel from the Red Ozier Pres."
  • Prospectus, Paul's Blues by Ned Rorem with lyrics by Paul Goodman and title page by Larry Rivers, 1984
  • Greeting card, "A special greeting to you from the fellows at Red Ozier, Steve & Ken. 1985"
  • Card, "Red Ozier Press Spring 1984" with announcements for Wuck Wuck Wuck! by Russell Edson and Hellenistics by Richard Howard
  • Postcard, "Two new books from Red Ozier" with announcements for In The Month of May by Robert Bly and Chanson by Antonin Artaud, postmarked 1985
  • Announcement, Careless Love and Its Apostrophes by William Bronk, 1985
  • Card, "Red Ozier is pleased to announce two new titles for 1986," with announcements for Small Ceremonies by Connie Martin and Telegram from Dakar by Henri Michaux

Risk, Terry

  • Card, "For I have learned…" 1984
  • Card, woodcut of papermakers, 1981
  • Card, "Heap on more wood!" 1983

Robot Press

  • Keepsake, "Caxton hys hynke," 1986


  • Booklet, "The Closed Shop or Open Shop: Which?" by Elbert Hubbard (Fra Elbertus), 1916.

Salient Seedling Press

  • Postcard with announcement for Dorothy During Wounded Knee by Karen Snider

Santa Fe Press

  • Booklet, "Children, Students and a Few Adults" by Haniel Long, 1942.
  • Booklet, "French Soldier Home from Being a War Prisoner" by Haniel Long, 1942.

Santa Susana Press

  • Booklet, "Fiscal and Acquisition Implications of the Tax Reform Act of 1969 for Research Libraries" by Norman E. Tanis, 1977. signed by the author.
  • Booklet, "The Tax Reform Act of 1969 a Decade Later" by Norman E. Tanis and Gayle Goldberg, 1979. 48/250 copies.

Scarab Press

  • Announcement, Printing Poetry by Clifford Burke, 1980.

Seajay Press

  • Announcement, Rab and Dab by Elizabeth Allston Pringle
  • Announcement, Elmer by William Faulkner

Shakespeare Head Press

  • Prospectus, Pindar's Odes of Victory, 1928
  • Prospectus, The Whole Works of Homer, 1930
  • Prospectus, The Noble and Joyous Boke Entytled Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory, 1933

Sherwin Beach Press

  • Folder with picture postcards and announcements for: The Essence of Beeing by Michael Lenehan, Within the Context of No Context by George W.S. Trow, $144 a Month by Steve Bogira, and The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain
  • Prospectus, Ballet for the Opening Day by Nelson Algren with etchings by Tony Fitzpatrick
  • Prospectus, "Two timeless books from a new fine press" with announcements for The Essence of Beeing by Michael Lenehan and Within the Context of No Context by George W.S. Trow
  • Announcement, "From Sherwin Beach Press" with announcements for The Essence of Beeing by Michael Lenehan and Within the Context of No Context by George W.S. Trow

Shoestring Press

  • Prospectus, To Every Thing there is a Season…

Shulamis Press

  • Prospectus, We Were Innocent: Eight Vignettes by Edzia J. Goldstein

Silver Buckle Press

  • Announcement, The Significance of the Frontier in American History by Frederick Jackson Turner.

Simpson, Herbert W.

  • Keepsake, "Hamlet: to the players," by William Shakespeare, presented in commemoration of the 391st anniversary of his birth

Sol Invictus

  • Announcement, Laudes Creatorum by Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Review of Laudes Creatorum from Print Collectors Newsletter XXIV, no. 1 (March-April 1993), 22.

Somesuch Press

  • Form letter addressed "Dear Librarian," signed Stanley Marcus, 17 June 1992
  • Price list of publications.

Speculum Orbis Press

  • Prospectus, The New World Series, 1508-1992

Spiral Press

  • Booklet, "George Washington's Farewell Address to His Countrymen," printed in June 1954 for the friends of Curtis Paper Company.
  • Booklet, "The Declaration of Independence as Written by Thomas Jefferson," printed in June 1955 for the friends of Curtis Paper Company

Stamperia Ampersand

  • Announcement, Über das Marionettentheater by Henrich von Kleist with etchings by Neil Moore, 1984

Stamperia del Santuccio

  • Proof sheets for Concern for the Art of Civilized Man (43 sheets)
  • Proof sheets, poetry (74 sheets)
  • Sheet from Samson Agonistes, 1931
  • Prospectus, Samson Agonistes, 1931

Stern & Faye, Printers

  • Letter to Margaret Howell signed C. Stern and Jules Faye
  • Booklet with press information and price list
  • Keepsake, Blue Global Line ticket with "Happy New Year! — Jules and Chris" handwritten on the back

Still Point Press

  • Prospectus, Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets by John Evelyn. 2 copies.
  • Prospectus, Remembering Carl Hertzog: A Texas Printer and His Books by Al Lowman.

Stinehour Press

  • Booklet, "Samuel Jones and the New York Society Library" by Harvey Simmonds, 1976.
  • Prospectus, Old Earl Died Pulling Traps, published by Bruccoli Clark publishers and printed by the Stinehour Press, 1984.

Stone House Press

  • Prospectus, Porfolio One/1983 with woodcuts by John DePol
  • Prospectus, Renewals by Gerard Previn Meyer, 1981
  • Postcard with announcement for Heartwood: New Poems by Norbert Krapf with wood engravings by John DePol
  • Prospectus, Heartwood: New Poems by Norbert Krapf with wood engravings by John DePol
  • Prospectus, Waking to the Day: Selected Poems by Dorothy Hatch with wood engravings by John DePol, 1985
  • Prospectus, Eight Poems for Saint Walt by William Heyen with wood engravings by John DePol, 1985
  • Recent and Forthcoming Books, 1988. 2 copies.
  • Prospectus, Incantation: Poems and Collages by John Digby, 1987
  • Prospectus, "Thoughts on Tintern Abbey" by Andrew Digby. Stone House Press Broadside #13.
  • Recent and Forthcoming books and broadsides, 1985-1986
  • Prospectus, Under Open Sky: Poets on William Cullen Bryant, edited by Norbert Krapf with wood engravings by John DePol, 1986
  • Announcement, From Dark to Light: Engravings for the Stone House Press by John DePol, 1988
  • Announcemnet, "The Tincan" by William Jay Smith, chapbook #3, 1988, and "Journey to the Interior" by William Jay Smith, Broadside #14, 1988
  • Announcement, Checklist of Stone House Press Books & Ephemera, 1978-1988, 1989
  • Stone House Press Newsletter, fall 1991.

Street of Crocodiles Printery

  • Prospectus, Fallen Angels, 2000
  • Prospectus, The Ladies' Printing Bee, 1995.

Stricker, Perry

  • Booklet, "A Printer's Tale: Retold & Privately Printed by Perry Stricker," New York, 1943.

Sumac Press

  • Booklet, "A Comp's-Eye View of Footnotes" by Emerson G. Wulling, 1953.
  • Keepsake, "What the L Books of 1928 Looked Like…", 1986

Sun Moon Bear Press

  • Prospectus, The White Bones of the Year are Scattered Among Jonquils by Lee Perron.

Sutton Hoo Press

  • Prospectus, Selections from The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, trans. Wu Jing Nuan. 2 copies.
  • Announcement, "Bread Without Sugar" by Gerald Stern, 2 copies.
  • Announcement, "Evolution" by Anthony Butts with woodcuts by Tom Huck
  • Announcement, North American Bear by Charles Wright with woodcuts by Gary Young
  • Limited edition press books from Sutton Hoo Press
  • Sample page, "Step-Children of Paradise" from North American Bear by Charles Wright with woodcuts by Gary Young
  • Broadside, "The Ditch" by David Dodd Lee with image by Ladislav Hunka, 2002
  • Card with contact information for Sutton Hoo Press
  • Newsletter, 1 April 2001
  • Books in print, April 2001

Swamp Press

  • Leaflet, "About Swamp Press"
  • Swamp Press Catalogue, November 1985

Sylvester & Orphanos Publishers

  • Brochure, "The Signed Limited Editions Published by Sylvester & Orphanos."

Symposium Press

  • Announcement, Let Thy Words Be Few: Poems by J.V. Cunningham. 2 copies.

Tamazunchale Press

  • Prospectus, "Claude Monet" by Janet Savin.

Taylor, W. Thomas

  • Prospectus, Twelve Bindings by Michael Wilcox
  • Announcement, Andalusian Poems, trans. Christopher Middleton and Leticia Garza-Falcón
  • Announcement, Cántico Espiritual by St. John of the Cross, trans. Willis Barnstone
  • Catalogue #56, "Fine Books, Old and New, with a Checklist of Books Produced in Our Printing Office"
  • Card, "We've moved (again)!" with new contact information
  • Announcement, Robert Frost and His Printers, by Joe Blumenthal
  • Announcement, Doors of Perception: Essays in Book Typography by Harry Duncan, second printing, 1987
  • Books in print from the Kairos Press, 1987
  • Prospectus, Bert Clarke, Typographer
  • Prospectus, Monkey Poems & Semi-likewise by Eugene Walter
  • Prospectus, Robert Frost and His Printers, by Joe Blumenthal
  • Prospectus, Two Against the Tide: A Conscientious Objector in World War II, Selected Letters, 1941-1948 by Adrian Wilson
  • Prospectus, The first English binding & marbling manuals & le premier manuel de reliure imprimé séparément en français.
  • Prospectus, Twelve Bindings by Michael Wilcox (with Maillol woodcut on the front)
  • Prospectus, The Tragedie of King Lear with illustrations by Claire Van Vliet of the Janus Press and printed by Michael Alpert of the Theodore Press
  • Card, "Take Your Pick of the Books we Make & Sell."
  • Prospectus, The Ashendene Press by Colin Franklin, published by Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University
  • Prospectus, The Stone Beloved: Six Poems by Dante Alighieri with lithographs by Peter Nickel
  • Prospectus, Audubon's Great National Work: The Royal Octavo Edition of The Birds of America by Ron Tyler
  • Prospectus, Italian Book-Illustrations and Early Printing: A Catalogue of the Early Italian Books in the Library of C.W. Dyson Perrins, described by A.W. Pollard
  • Prospectus, Plain Wrapper Press, 1966-1988 with bibliographic descriptions by Elaine Smyth
  • Prospectus, Printers' Choice: A Selection of American Press Books, 1968-1978 by Ruth E. Fine and William Matheson, 1983

Tern Press

  • Announcement, Birds Nesting by John Clare, with list of titles in preparation.


  • Greeting card, "Violet and Hal W. Trovillion wisheth to all their friends health and perpetual felicity for Christmas and the New Year."

Thee Hellbox Press

  • Announcement, The First Paradise, Odetta… by Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1986.

Toothpaste Press

  • The Toothpaste Press Catalogue, fall 1981
  • List of titles in print, n.d.
  • List of titles in print, winter 1983
  • List of titles in print, fall 1983
  • Announcement, Canciones by Antonio Machado
  • Prospectus, "A Visit from St. Alphabet" by Dave Morice

Torch Press

  • Booklet, "The Work of a Man" by Jacob A. Riis. Forty copies privately printed at the Torch Press, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. June 1952. This is number [16. Printed for J. Christian Day (handwritten)].

Trovillion Private Press

  • Keepsake, "An Old Diet Calendar," compiled by Gervase Markham, signed Hal Trovillion
  • Booklet, "I Salute the Silver Horse" by Paul Jordan-Smith, 1958, signed by Violet and Hal Trovillion

Tryst Press

  • Prospectus, Fantasy and Nonsense by James Whitcomb Riley with woodcuts by Berrot Hubrecht

Turkey Press

  • Announcement, Stolen & Contaminated Poems by James Laughlin, 1985

Tuscany Alley, Press in

  • Prospectus, The Ephemera of Adrian Wilson: An Annotated List, 1944-1988 by James Linden, 1994.
  • Announcement, Notebook Poems: 1953 by Robert Duncan with three drawings by Jess.

Twowindows Press

  • Announcement, Devour the Fire: Selected Poems of Harry Crosby, edited by Sy M. Kahn. 2 copies.
  • Announcement, With a Heart Full of Love: Jack London's Presentation Inscriptions to the Women in His Life edited by Sal Noto


  • Prospectus, The Belvedere by Lawrence P. Spingarn


  • Card, "Subject: American Christmas Cards"
  • Card, "The Typophiles," October 1939
  • Card, "Greetings." January 1950
  • Booklet, "A Five-Syllable Sentence Meaning, 'Adolf, Wo Bist Du?'"
  • Booklet, "Christmas in Germany" by William H. Crawford, Jr., Oxford University Press, 1949.
  • Portfolio, "The Typophiles Salute Will Bradley, 1868-1954, and proudly light another birthday candle July 10," signed "To Leonard Gold, Kind Regards, Will Bradley" and containing a signed wood engraving
  • Invitation, "You are invited to participate in a dinner," October 4, 1938
  • Keepsake, "Dear Fritz Kredel, Life begins in U.S.A. Welcome to New York. Please excuse my probable absence tonight and pardon the misrepresentation of your mental property. Yours sincerely, George Salter." New York, October 4, 1938
  • Cards, "The Guard will accept this pass and admit one to the Typophile dinner in honor of Fritz Kredel." 2 copies.
  • Booklet, "Greetings to Fritz Kredel upon his first visit to America," by R. Hunter Middleton, printed by Norman W. Forgue at the Black Cat Press, September 1938.
  • Keepsake, "Welcome, Fritz Kredel," with a woodcut by Hans Alexander Mueller courtesy of the artist and his publisher J.J. Augustin and printed by Joseph Blumenthal at the Spiral Press
  • Business card for Herbert Bittner, the Westermann Gallery, New York

Upstairs Press

  • Keepsake, Quotation from Viriginia Woolf, 394/500 copies, 1982
  • Business card, John F. Guido, MASC, WSU Libraries

USC Fine Arts Press

  • Prospectus, The Letter of Columbus on His Discovery of the New World.

Ursus Press

  • Prospectus, The Belvedere by Lawrence P. Spingarn.

Walter Row Press

  • Announcement, Visions of America by Jack Keruoac, November 1991

Warwick Press

  • Card, "Isn't it about time you collected Warwick Press books?" June 1986
  • Announcement, From Stripper to Publisher or, How Printing Changed My Life by Carol J. Blinn, October 1986
  • Announcement, Once Upon a Time/Book Three by Frieda Fitzenmeyer
  • Announcement, Once Upon a Time/Book Four by Frieda Fitzenmeyer
  • Announcement, Once Upon a Time/Book Five by Frieda Fitzenmeyer
  • Keepsake, A Multiple Occasion Card – Duck with Clock, 1986
  • Article from Yankee, January 1988. photocopy
  • Announcement, Your Poems by James L. Weil
  • Announcement, The War Zone by John Barr

Washburn College

  • Prospectus, the Washburn College Bible

Wayside Press (Charlottesville, Virginia)

  • Prospectus, The Thorough-Bred Horse, Democrat, 1990

Wayside Press (Rockville, Connecticut)

  • Announcement for special type-casting of Worrell Uncial
  • Impressions, summer 1958
  • Ink Daubings, vol. 2 no. 1, winter 1959

Wayside Press (Kingston, Rhode Island)

  • Keepsake, "On Silver Slivers," 1987

Wayzgoose Press

  • Announcement from Joshua Heller Rare Books, Ockers, 1999

Whippoorwill Press

  • Keepsake, "Acts passed at the second session of the general assembly for the commonwealth of Kentucky," 1985
  • Keepsake, "Papermaking by Hand," 1982

Whittington Press

  • News of Books from Whittington, January 1994
  • News of Books from Whittington, no. 2, October 1995
  • News of Books from Whittington, no. 3, January 1997
  • News of Books from Whittington, no. 4, January 1998
  • Booklet, "The Whittington Press has in hand three important projects for 1994- 1995"
  • Card with information about the press
  • Catalogue, Books from the Whittington Press, 1983-1984
  • Article. Tompkins, Hawley T. "Fear and Loathing in Brookston, Indiana." Offprint from Matrix.

Wilson, Adrian

  • Prospectus, In Medias Res by William Everson with woodcuts by Tom Killion

Windell Press

  • Prospectus, Ines Reigned in Death by Luis Velez de Guevara, 1988
  • Announcement, Carnival in Venice, 1991.
  • Keepsake, Typocrafters 1990 Perpetual Calendar (3 copies of the calendar on orange paper)
  • Keepsake, perpetual calendar (1 copy on heavy gray stock)
  • Invitation, Twelfth Night, 1993
  • Invitation, Twelfth Night, 1991
  • Invitation, Twelfth Night, undated
  • Invitation, Twelfth Night, 1984
  • Stationery, W. Gay Reading
  • Card, Munch's Corner
  • Card, The Medieval Hunt/The St. Eustace Legend, 1983
  • Stationery, Lexington Bonsai Society, 1983
  • Keepsake, Plant and Crystal woodcut by Victor Hammer, 1989
  • Card, Season's Greetings, with woodcut after Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
  • Card, Alen Windland
  • Etching (?) of two birds, proof for Ines Reigned in Death
  • Etching (?) of a faun, proof for Ines Reigned in Death
  • Jones fiftieth anniversary invitation, 1983
  • Nolen-Jones wedding announcement, 1933
  • Invitation, Cocktails at Richmond Place, 1991
  • Stationery, Lexington Bonsai Society, 1983
  • Card, Opera of Central Kentucky, Buffet Buffo, 1990
  • Miller-Hathaway wedding invitation, 1991
  • Broadside, "Proclamation of the Kentucky Arts Council," 1984
  • Card, "Encomia to the Gnomon Press in its twenty-fifth year of publishing from the Anvil and Windell Presses," 1990
  • Card, "Your comforting expression of sympathy…"

Windhover Press, University of Iowa

  • Postcard announcement, With Some Justification by Warren Slesinger
  • Announcement, Forked Branches: Translations of Medieval Poems by Ezra Pound
  • Announcement, Within the Walls by HD with wood engravings by Dellas Herke
  • Announcement, Memoirs of an Ismaric Spear by George d'Almeida Postcard
  • Announcement, Flowers of August by William Carlos Williams
  • Postcard, The Flowers of August by William Carlos Williams

Wycross Press

  • Announcement, The Persistence of Myth by Pam Longobardi and Deep End I by Hugh Merrill

Ye Olde Printery

  • Announcement, Rare books on printing history now made available again

Yellow Barn Press

  • Announcement, The Yellow Barn Press: A History and Bibliography compiled by Jack Walsdorf

Zapf, Hermann

  • Prospectus, Manuale Typographicum by Hermann Zapf