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Press Ephemera Collection

JD Grahame Cracker Press

  • Prospectus, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, 1991.

JHW Editions

  • Prospectus, Picasso by Gertrude Stein. 2 copies.

James the Printer

  • Prospectus, Notes on the History of the Elston Press of Clarke Conwell and Helen Marguerite O'Kane, 1900-1905 by Herbert H. Johnson, 1997. Two copies.

Janus Press

  • 1979 Janus Press checklist.
  • Some books available from the Janus Press (n.d.)
  • The Janus Press checklist of Publications, 1980
  • Prospectus, The Circus of Dr. Lao, 1983.
  • Broadside, "Géométrique" by Nicole Brossard, 1999.

Jargon Society

  • Brochure, "A Jargon Society Checklist, 1951-1979"
  • Brochure, "Joyfull News Out of the Newfounde World," 1975

Joshua Heller Rare Books

  • Card, Catalogue One

Juniper Press

  • Booklet, "Herb Marsden and the Red Barn Press," n.d.

Kairos Press

  • Prospectus, Just Such a Time: Recollections of Childhood on the Texas Frontier, 1858-1867, by J.M. Carroll with woodcuts by Barbara Whitehead.

Kelmscott Press

  • Invitation, An American Memorial to Keats, n.d., with response card.

King Library Press

  • The King Library Press: 30 Years, 1956-1986.
  • Prospectus, 37, avenue Samson, Cimitière Montmartre by Guy Davenport.
  • Announcement, Twenty-Five Years of Typography and Book Design in the Middle West, 1981
  • Announcement, Two Talks on Books and Printing, 1981
  • Biographical notes on Victor Hammer.
  • Booklet, Type Faces of King Library Press, 1983
  • Brochure, Seminar in Graphic Design at the King Library Press, 1980.
  • Business card, Joan Davis, Press Assistant
  • Card, Christmas 1981
  • Folder, King Library Press Workshop
  • Invitation, Exhibition opening for Victor Hammer: Artist and Craftsman, 1982
  • Invitation, University of Kentucky Library Associates annual dinner, 1983
  • Keepsake, "Andreas the Chaplain and Troubadour…", 1983
  • Keepsake, "Don't expect much," 1980
  • Keepsake, "It is a myth…" 1984
  • Keepsake, "John Jacob Niles," 1983
  • Keepsake, "Jottings" by Chris Newbery, 1983
  • Keepsake, "Observation," 1983
  • Keepsake, "Plastic Surgery" by Michael Rice, 1983
  • Keepsake, "Summer Storm" by Alan T. Mickel, 1983
  • Keepsake, "The Art of Printing Books," 1977
  • Keepsake, "The following five excerpts…", 1981
  • Keepsake, "Via Liverpool – by first packet-ship to New York…", 1979
  • Keepsake, a woodcut print from the Victor Hammer collection
  • Labels, W. Hugh Peal Collection
  • Poster, Victor Hammer Centennial, 1981
  • Program, Dedication of the W. Hugh Peal Collection
  • Program, Dedication of the W. Hugh Peal Collection, 1982
  • Program, University of Kentucky Library Associates Annual Meeting, 1984
  • Program, University of Kentucky Library Associates annual meeting, 1983
  • Proof copy? "Victor Hammer's Engravings and Woodcuts," not illustrated
  • Prospectus and specimen page, On the Cliffs by Algernon Swinburne, 1981
  • Prospectus, "A type face produced from punches designed and cut by Victor Hammer…"
  • Prospectus, "The Pride of Peter Prim," 1978
  • Prospectus, On the Cliffs by Algernon Swinburne, 1981.
  • Prospectus, Rabinal: An Ancient Mayan Play of the Guatemalan Quiche Indians, 1988.
  • Prospectus, The Kikkuli Text on the Training of Horses
  • Prospectus, Victor Hammer: Artist and Printer, 1981.
  • Sample illustration, On the Cliffs by Algernon Swinburne, 1981
  • Print with human figures spelling Tuska, 1994
  • Program, Kentucky Academy of Science Banquet, 1980
  • Keepsake, "Charge of the Mule Brigade," printed by Bruce Halsted, 1983
  • Broadside, "The King Library Press," framed
  • Proof sheets on newsprint with various poems, 1981 (3 sheets)
  • Proof sheet from publication about constellations
  • Broadside, "The Historian Editor," 1979

Knopf, Alfred A.

  • Prospectus, The Shirley Letters from the California Mines, 1851-1852, 1949.
  • Prospectus, The Shaping of Our Alphabet (n.d.)

Koch, Peter Rutledge

  • Prospectus, Unsought Intimacies: Poems of 1991 by Thom Gunn with etchings by Theophilus Brown, 1993.

Labyrinth Editions

  • Prospectus, Four Odes One Song: Poems by Pablo Neruda.
  • Letter to Division of Special Collections signed Richard Bigus, May 23, 1991.

Lakeside Press

  • Exhibition invitation, American Type Designers and Their Work, November 3, 1947 – February 27, 1948.

Landlocked Press

  • Checklist, summer 1986.
  • Prospectus, Two Journal Pieces by Walter Hamady.

Larkspur Press

  • List of Larkspur Press publications (n.d.)
  • Invitation, publication party to honor Encounter by Thomas Merton and D.T. Suzuki, November 4, 1988.
  • Announcement, Larkspur Twenty-Five, 1998
  • Announcement, reading by Burton Milward and Richard Taylor, 1990
  • Announcement, reading by Richard Taylor, 1991
  • Announcement, Workshops on Bookbinding and Decorative Papers, 1997
  • Announcement, Kathleen Kelly exhibition, 1998
  • Book list, 1986?
  • Book list, starting with August Blue by Guy Davenport
  • Book list, starting with Gardencourt by Frederick Smock
  • Book list, starting with Still Life with Watermelon by Bobbie Ann Mason
  • Book list, starting with The Dragon Who Never Sleeps by Robert Aitken
  • Booklet, Larkspur Press publications
  • Bookmark, "…most keen judges incline to think…"
  • Bookmark, "April," 1999
  • Bookmark, "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need," 1998
  • Bookmark, "Invitation to a Bookshop" on cream paper, 1989
  • Bookmark, "Invitation to a Bookshop" on mustard-colored paper, 1989
  • Bookmark, "January Haiku", 1997
  • Bookmark, "Nothing in education is as astonishing…"
  • Bookmark, "Still trying to finish the poem I began last year"
  • Announcement, "Presented by the Kentucky Humanities Council…", 1991
  • Card, "Wishing You Peace and happiness throughout the coming year"
  • Card, Riverbend Farm Lincoln Logwoods
  • Announcement for Kathleen Middleton retrospective, 1986
  • Announcement for Poor Richard's Bookstore, 1983
  • Advertisement, Treadle Works, Frankfort, KY
  • Brochure, Publications from Larkspur Press with type samples
  • Business card, Treadle Works, Frankfort, KY
  • Card, Christmas 2000
  • Card, Christmas Tree with "Season's Greetings"
  • Card, Merry Christmas Happy New Year
  • Card, Season's Greetings
  • Card, with note from Gary Zeitz, 1998
  • Invitation, Publication party for Encounter by Thomas Merton and D.T. Suzuki, 1988
  • Invitation, publication party for Horse Fables by Susan Richards, 1987
  • Invitation, Reading by Steve Sanfield, 1998
  • Letter, from G. Zeitz, 1988
  • Letter, from G. Zeitz, 1989
  • Letter, G. Zeitz to J. M. White, 1997
  • Letter, G. Zeitz to J. M. White, 2001
  • Letter, G. Zeitz to J. M. White, n.d.
  • Letter, G. Zeitz to J.M. White, 1986
  • Letter, G. Zeitz to Melanie, n.d.
  • Letter, G. Zeitz to the Whites, 1984
  • Letter, G. Zetiz to J. M. White, 1996
  • Magazine article: Garr, Robin. "Man of Letters." Louisville Magazine, February 1999. Computer printout from online magazine.
  • Magazine article: Godbey, Marty. " Kentucky's Gutenberg: Gray Zeitz prints only the books he likes, in a way and a place he likes." Kentucky Living (March 1997): 46+.
  • Newspaper clipping about Gray Zeitz
  • Newspaper clipping, "Hand labor gives printer freedom of the press," Lexingon Herald-Leader (20 July 1997): J1.
  • Postcard, "Postcard to Kentucky", 1995
  • Postcard, "The Day a Grasshopper Ate a Pig," 1988
  • Postcard, Cedar Creek Community School Square Dance, 1988
  • Postcard, G. Zeitz to J.M. White, 1983
  • Postcard, The Farm by Wendell Berry
  • Printout, "Larkspur Press: A Descriptive Bibliography"
  • Program, Governor's Awards in the Arts, 1987
  • Proof sheets, starting with p. 33, "Strings of Jewels for Bohisattvas" (6 sheets)
  • Prospectus, "Last Gift" by Doc Dachtler (Broadside #14)
  • Prospectus, "On April 24, Richard Taylor…"
  • Prospectus, A Guide to the Four-Chambered Heart by John Haines
  • Prospectus, A Mute Circle of Shine by Carolyn Whitesel
  • Prospectus, A Simple Human Motion by Jeff Worley, 2000
  • Prospectus, American Zen by a Guy Who Tried It by Steve Sanfield, 1994
  • Prospectus, August Blue by Guy Davenport
  • Prospectus, Fast Signing Mute by James Baker Hall
  • Prospectus, Gardencourt by Frederick Smock, 1997
  • Prospectus, Homeplace by Charles Semones
  • Prospectus, Horse Fables by Susan Richards, 1989
  • Prospectus, In One Year and Out the Other by Steve Sanfield, 1999
  • Prospectus, No Known Pattern: Twelve Poems on the Sewing Arts
  • Prospectus, No Land Where I Have Traveled: A Kentucky Poem by Logan English
  • Prospectus, Reminiscences of 'Aunt Betty' Hummons, 1999
  • Prospectus, Sabbaths 1987 by Wendell Berry
  • Prospectus, Sonata at Payne Hollow by Wendell Barry
  • Prospectus, Stone Eye by Richard Taylor, 2002
  • Prospectus, The Dragon Who Never Sleeps by Robert Aitken, 1990
  • Prospectus, The Eye is Not Enough: On Seeing and Remembering
  • Prospectus, The Farm by Wendell Barry
  • Prospectus, The Farm by Wendell Barry, with booklist on back
  • Prospectus, The Good Life by Frederick Smock, 2000
  • Prospectus, The Life Horse by Susan Starr Richards, 2005?
  • Prospectus, The Life of Zeno translated by Barry Magid, 1996
  • Prospectus, The Medusa by Guy Davenport, 1984
  • Prospectus, The Rain Begins Below by Steve Sanfield
  • Prospectus, Turnabout by Leon V. Driskell and Sue Terry Driskell
  • Prospectus, William 'King' Solomon 1775-1854 by Burton Milward, 1990
  • Prospectus, With Jazz by Bobbie Ann Mason
  • Invitation to a book signing at Poor Richard's Books, 1983'
  • Postcard, "The Frankfort Arts Foundation will present Walter Tevis…", 1983
  • Announcement, "The Frankfort Arts Foundation… will present James Still…", 1982
  • Announcement, Portland: The Land, The River, and the People exhibition, 1983
  • Invitation, Handprinting in Kentucky exhibition, Portland Museum, 1985
  • Announcement for Heartlands exhibit by Kathleen Middleton, 1983. Signed by the artist.

Lasky Company

  • An Unpsychological Dictionary, 1953.

Libanus Press

  • Books from Libanus Press, 1987.

Library of Congress

  • Printed on Vellum: A Selection of Books from the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection, exhibition at the Library of Congress, 1977.

Lilly Library

  • Card, An invitation to join the Friends of the Lilly Library

Lime Rock Press

  • Catalog, Private Press and Illustrated Books, 1984. Two copies.
  • Pre-Publication announcement, Mimbres Designs: An Interpretation by Fred Kabotie, 1981.
  • Letter to Division of Special Collections, January 1982.
  • Prospectus, Mimbres Designs by Fred Kabotie.
  • Price list and order form.
  • Prospectus, Lagharne with text by Dylan Thomas and photographs by Tyntje van Ness Seymour.
  • Prospectus, Niños, exhibition portfolio with photographs by Bob Schalkwijk and captions by Nina Lincoln.
  • Prospectus, Acoma, exhibition portfolio with photographs and text by Tryntje van Ness Seymour.
  • Prospectus, Red Cloud, with text passages by Willa Cather and photographs and introduction by Gabriel North Seymour.
  • Letter to Division of Special Collections signed W.N. Seymour, October 1980.

Limited Editions Club

  • Letter to subscribers signed Helen Macy, November 14, 1962.
  • Advance listing, Thirty-Third Series, 1964-1965.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Helen Macy, September 24, 1965.
  • Advance listing, Thirty-Fourth Series, 1965-1966.
  • Advance listing, Thirty-Fifth Series, 1966-1967.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Helen Macy, September 20, 1966.
  • Advance listing, Thirty-Sixth Series, 1967-1968.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Helen Macy, October 23, 1967.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Jonathan Macy, October 7, 1968.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Jonathan Macy, November 17, 1969.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Jonathan Macy, February 2, 1970.
  • Advance listing, Thirty-Ninth Series, 1971.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Jonathan Macy, March 3, 1971.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Jonathan Macy, April 28, 1971.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Charles C. Tillinghast, March 31, 1972.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Gordon Carroll, December 7, 1972.
  • Keepsake card, "Books are a guide in youth." (outside); "The Limited Editions Club, 1973" (inside).
  • Letter to subscribers signed Gordon Carroll, March 26, 1973.
  • Advance listing, Forty-First Series, 1973-1974.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Gordon Carroll, April 27, 1973.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Gordon Carroll, June 21, 1973.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Gordon Carroll, June 13, 1974.
  • Advance listing, Forty-Second Series, 1974-1975.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Gordon Carroll, May 12, 1975.
  • Advance listing, Forty-Third Series, 1975-1976.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Gordon Carroll, July 29, 1976.
  • Letter to subscribers signed Sidney Shiff, January 31, 1979.
  • Keepsake card, "Books are the depositary of every thing that is most honourable to man." (outside); "May this year bring every thing within your reach, from the directors of the Limited Editions Club" (inside).
  • Keepsake card, "Gentlemen look more like gentlemen when fine books are spread out in rich magnificence before them" (outside); "May all the good things of life be spread in rich magnificence before you in the coming year, The Limited Editions Club" (inside).
  • Broadside, "The Theory of Books is Noble," 1957

Linden, James

  • Announcement, NAPA: The Roots and Springs of the Valley by Ursula K. LeGuin with photographs by Michael Mundy.
  • Announcement, Apology for Bad Dreams by Robinson Jeffers with photographs by Michael Mundy.
  • Announcement, The Fates of Rocks and Trees by Gary Snyder with photographs by Michael Mundy.
  • Announcement, Shine, Perishing Republic by Robinson Jeffers with photographs by Michael Mundy.
  • Prospectus, More Printing for Theater: A Portfolio of Ephemera designed and printed by Adrian Wilson.
  • Prospectus, Con Amore Valenti Angelo: A Bibliography, 1971-1982. Two copies.
  • Notice to the subscribers for Con Amore Valenti Angelo, June 30, 1992.
  • Notice to the subscribers for Con Amore Valenti Angelo, September 30, 1992.

Logan Elm Press and Papermill

  • Prospectus, OSU Creative Writing Program Keepsake Series, 1933-94.

Maggs Brothers

  • Prospectus, German Incunabula in the British Museum, 1928
  • Prospectus, German Incunabula in the British Museum, with an extract from a review in the Times Literary Supplement, 1928
  • Prospectus, Goya vol. 1, 1928
  • Prospectus, Paracas: A Contribution to the Study of Pre-Incaic Textiles in Ancient Peru, 1928
  • Prospectus, Poisons and Poisoners by C. J. S. Thompson
  • Prospectus, The Spanish 'Brunet'
  • Prospectus, The Story of Old English Glass Pictures 1690-1810, 1928

Many Names Press

  • Prospectus, The Woodcuts of Andrea Rich.

Marchbanks Press

  • "Casey at the Bat," printed for the friends of the Marchbanks Press, Christmas 1954.

Menhaden Press

  • Prospectus, Eight Poems by Margo Lockwood, 1982.

Metacom Press

  • Announcement, The Dripping Faucet: Fourteen-Hundred and Fifty-Eight Tiny, Tedious and Terrible Tales by Edward Gorey, 1989.

MIT Press

  • Prospectus, The Watercolours and Drawings of Thomas Bewick and His Workshop Apprentices

Michael Vinson Publishers

  • Announcement, Pacific Overland Narratives, Number 1: The Gold Rush Overland Journal of Edward C. Harrow, 1849.

Mosher, Thomas Bird; Press of

  • An Exhibition of Books from the Press of Thomas Bird Mosher, from the Collection of Norman H. Strouse, Free Library of Philadelphia, January 16 – March 12, 1967.