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Press Ephemera Collection

Five Trees Press

  • Announcement, Crocus/Sprouting by Jane Rosenthal; Eva Awakening by Jaime Robles; and The Poet & the Dancer by H.D.

Flying Fish Press

  • Prospectus, Correspondence Course by Nance O'Banion, 1993.

Flying Sugar Press

Prospectus, Song of Songs with illustrations by Yaron Livay

Fonthill Press

  • Keepsake, "A few words on the type of William Morris," 1981
  • Keepsake, "Two Poems" by Reginald Bunthorpe / "Two Decalets" by Archibald Grosvenor, 1978
  • Keepsake, "Textus de ecclesia Roffensi,"1986

Foolscap Press

  • Prospectus, Desert Dreams by Lawrence G. Van Velzer with illustrations by Peggy Gotthold (small orange copy).
  • Prospectus, Desert Dreams by Lawrence G. Van Velzer with illustrations by Peggy Gotthold (large copy).
  • Prospectus, The Man in Asbestos: An Allegory of the Future by Stephen B. Leacock with illustrations by Peggy Gotthold.
  • Prospectus, The Tower of the Winds, 2002.

Franklin, B.

  • Booklet, hardcover, B. Franklin, 1706-1790.Being a collection of ageless quotations marking important events in the life and times of Benjamin Franklin, and in the history of the United States of America. New York: Privately Printed, 1956. Colophon: "This keepsake is the cooperative work of these friends of Printing Week in New York, 1956: The designer is Lewis F, White, The Privy Council Press, New York; the illustrator is John DePol, The Privy Council Press, New York; The Typographer is Chas. D. O'Brien, Inc., New York; The printer is Ajay Printing Service, New York; electrotypes from Reilly Electrotype Company, New York; the binder is Publisher's Book Bindery, Inc., New York; text paper is White Linweave Text, plate finish and cover is Ivory Linweave Text plate finish and Dark Blue wove from Linweave, Springfield, Massachusetts."
  • Booklet, hardcover, The Way to Wealth: Preface to Poor Richard Improved, 1758 by Benjamin Franklin. New York: Privately Printed, 1953. Colophon: This keepsake is the cooperative work of these friends of the Printing Week project: The designer is Lewis F. White, L.F. White Company, New York; The illustrator is John DePol, L.F. White Company, New York; The typographer is M.J. Baumwell, M.J. Baumwell, Typography, New York; The printer is Ajay Printing Service, New York; the binder is Russell-Rutler Company, New York. White Pastelle Smooth and Imperial. Blue Cover by Strathmore."
  • Booklet, hardcover, B. Franklin – Inventor. New York: Privately Printed, 1960. Colophon: This keepsake is the cooperative work of these friends of the Printing Week project: The format designed by Lewis F. White, Privy Council Press, New York; the illustrations are wood engravings by John DePol, of the Privy Council Press, New York; Typesetting by M.J. Baumwell, Typography; printed by Tri-Arts Press, Inc.; binding by the Fisher Bookbinding Co., Inc.; the text paper is White Colophon and the cover in Midnight Blue Tweed-weave text from the Curtis Paper Company, Delaware."
  • Booklet, hardcover, B. Franklin, Wit. New York: Privately Printed, 1957. Colophon: This keepsake is the cooperative work of these friends of the Printing Week project: The format designed by Lewis F. White, Privy Council Press, New York; the illustrations are wood engravings by John DePol, of the Privy Council Press; Typesetting by The Composing Room, Inc.; Printed by Ajay Printing Service, Inc.; Electrotypes by Reilly Electrotype Co.; Engravings for front and back cover by Lafayette Photo Engraving Corporation; Binding by Russell-Rutler Company, Inc.; Text paper is White Colophon & the cover is Gray Tweed-weave text from Curtis Paper Company, Delaware."


  • Announcement, The Themersons and the Gabberbocchus Press – An Experiment in Publishing, 1948-1979, published by MJS Books & Graphic and Jan Kubasiewicz, October 1993

Gehenna Press

  • List of Gehenna Press Books, 1967.
  • Postcard, Announcement for catalogue of the Gehenna Press, postmarked 1992.
  • Prospectus, A Primer of Birds: 30 Poems by Ted Hughes with 6 woodcuts by Leonard Baskin.
  • List of publications, "The Gehenna Press is pleased to announce its reconstitution as an active press."
  • Catalogue, "Gehenna and Eremite Press MCMLXXXIX Two New Books of Literary Interest."
  • The Gehenna Press & The Eremite Press Addendum to 1988 catalogue.
  • Catalogue, "The Gehenna Press is pleased to announce its continuation as an active press, and to announce the establishment of its subsidiary the Eremite Press."
  • Prospectus, The Presumptions of Death by Anthony Hecht with woodcuts by Leonard Baskin, 2 copies.
  • Prospectus, Fancies, Bizarreries & Ornamental Grotesques by Leonard Baskin, Gehenna Press & Eremite Press. 2 copies.
  • Gehenna Press catalogue, 1992.
  • Prospectus, Flevronologia: Divers Etchings Formed from Flevrons by Leonard Baskin, 1996.
  • Prospectus, Death Masks by Stuart Denenberg with etchings by Leonard Baskin.
  • Prospectus, Zapf's Civilité Disclosed by Herman Zapf.
  • Prospectus, Lepidoptera Fantastica, 1949.

Gnomon Press

  • Postcard, Gnomon Press 25 th Anniversary, 1990
  • Announcement, Gnomon Press 25 th Anniversary, 1990

Golden Cockerel Private Press

  • Catalogue, "British Hand-Made Books, 1956-1957." 2 copies.
  • Stock List, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever," n.d.
  • Catalogue, "British Private Press Books: A Special Selection for Connoisseurs," n.d.
  • Catalogue, "British Private Press Books: Chefs-d'oeuvres of Printing for Bibliophiles," n.d.

Grabhorn Press

  • Prospectus, A Tribute to Edwin Grabhorn and the Grabhorn Press by James D. Hart, Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, 196


  • Keepsake booklet, The Closing of the Doves Press: A letter from Cobden- Sanderson with a preface by David Magee. Keepsake to commemorate exhibition of Cobden-Sanderson bindings at Stanford University Libraries, 1969.

Granary Books

  • Postcard, "Announcing Bathsheba on the Third Day by Jane Greer, Published by the Cummington Press: November, 1986"
  • Prospectus, Bustin's Island by Lewis Warsh, 1996
  • Postcard, announcement for Firebird by Paul Metcalf, collaboration of Chax Press of Tucson, Arizona, and Granary Books

Greenhouse Review Press

  • Prospectus, Nine Days: New York by Gary Young, 1991.
  • Prospectus, My Brother's in Wyoming by Gary Young, n.d.
  • Prospectus, A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance by Stéphane Mallarmé, n.d.

Grenfell Press

  • Announcement, Culp by William H. Gass.
  • Catalogue, 1985. 2 copies.
  • Prospectus, Sacred Weather by Ann Lauterbach.

Grey Spider Press

  • Prospectus, The Gates of Night: Six Songs from the Noh, translated by Yassuhiko Moriguchi and David Jenkins
  • Prospectus, The Book of Craving by Janet Rodney, 1997
  • Keepsake, a winter tale by Jules Remedios Faye
  • Prospectus, Apocrypha: Poems by Melinda Mueller
  • Prospectus, Excerpts from a Family Medical Dictionary by Rebecca Brown
  • Keepsake, "On the far side of the world." 1999
  • Prospectus, Talking with Raven: Poems by Clifford Burke
  • Postcard, "The Only Time We Have New Poems," postmarked 2003

Gwasg Gregynog

  • Prospectus, Giraldus Cambrensis: Itinerary through Wales, 1989.

Grolier Club

  • List of publications, 2002.

Haddon Craftsmen

  • Invitation to luncheon for book Bertha S. Goudy: First Lady of Printing.
  • The Ulster-Irish Society Award to Frederic W. Goudy. 2 copies.

Hampshire Typothetae

  • Prospectus, Irish Historical Broadsides.

Harbor Press

  • Andrews, Duncan. Tally Ho! 400 Years of Foxhunting. Books, Manuscripts, Prints and Drawings from the Collection of Duncan Andrews. An Exhibition at the Grolier Club, December 10, 1975 – January 17, 1976.
  • How, Louis. "Pan: Three Sonnets." 1928.
  • —–. "Four Minute Love Poems." 1928.
  • —–. "Cherry Hill." 1930.
  • —–. "Avenue A." 1930.
  • —–. "Gramercy Park." 1930.
  • —–. "The Tenderloin." 1930.
  • —–. "The Battery." 1930

Hawk Press

  • Prospectus, On Creation by Edgar Mansfield. 2 November 1980.

Haybarn Press

  • Announcement and prospectuses, All Souls by Kathleen Norris and Four Poets/Poems by Anania, Hawks, Shapiro and Swann.
  • Bibliography of limited edition works with text, 1960-1993.
  • Announcement and prospectuses, An Ark of Stars by Rose Ausländer and From a Backward Glance Oe'r Travel'd Roads by Walt Whitman.

Herity Press

  • The Modern Chappel Movement, 1957.
  • Ancient Customs used in a Printing-House, 1952.

Hesterberg Press

  • Prospectus, A Portrait of Home.
  • Articles about A Portrait of Home from The Kansas City Times and Chicago Tribune.
  • The Works. Catalogue Raisonné​ of major works. November 1, 2013.

Heyeck Press

  • Announcement, Between Ice Ages.

Hiersoux, Powers, Thomas

  • Announcement and prospectus, Mulberry Women, a poem by Robert Kelly, 1982.

Hoc Volo

  • Letter soliciting membership in Hoc Volo Club.
  • Prospectus, English Country Traditions by Ian Niall with wood engravings by Christopher Wormell.
  • Prospectus, Early Italian Writing-Books, Renaissance to Baroque by Stanley Morrison.
  • Prospectus, Herbs and the Earth: An Evocative Excursion into the Lore and Legend of Our Common Herbs by Henry Beston.
  • Prospectus, The Pursuit of Happy Results: Barry Spann and the Making of Twenty-Seven Landscapes by Emily Anderson.
  • Prospectus, Birds and Beasts by William Jay Smith, with woodcuts by Jacques Hnizdovsky.
  • Prospectus, The "Cimelio" of Bodoni: Facsimile of a "Unicum."

Huckleberry Press

  • "A Note about Huckleberry Press."
  • Announcement, Leatherneck Square, Poems by Richard Schulze.
  • Letter to Division of Special Collections signed John Balkwill, March 20, 1991.
  • Announcement, The Sea Bird: Poems by Keith Douglas.
  • Announcement, Nineteen-Fourteen: Poems of Rupert Brooke.
  • Announcement, broadside featuring a quotation from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.
  • Large announcement, Leatherneck Square: Poems by Richard Schulze.

Iguana Press

  • Two lists of titles in print.

Inanna Press

  • Announcement, The Hopeless Romantics' History of the World.
  • Prospectus, Eve's Diary by Mark Twain.
  • Prospectus, The Masque: A Twentieth-Century Retelling of the Masque of the Red Deathby Maureen Cummins.
  • List of titles in print and order form, April 18, 1996.
  • Collector's keepsake of books in print, 1996.
  • Announcement and keepsake, Phantasies of a Love Thief, 1994.

Inkwell Press

  • Prospectus, The Italian Commedia Dell'Arte by Vincent Torre.
  • List of books in print.